Match Point: Hijo del Vikingo vs. Rey Fenix, TripleMania XXX (10/15/22)

Hijo del Vikingo vs Rey Fenix at TripleMania XXX

Match Point is an ongoing series at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, where we look at intriguing matchups in indie wrestling and beyond. They may be dream matches, first-time matchups, or hotly anticipated rematches. At Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide’s TripleMania XXX event, Hijo del Vikingo defends the AAA Mega Championship against Rey Fenix. Take a deeper dive into the upcoming match at hand.

The AAA Mega Championship will be on the line at TripleMania XXX in this highly anticipated first-time-ever match – Hijo del Vikingo vs Rey Fenix. This would be the 5th title defense for the champion, Vikingo, with 4 previous defenses already under him, but Fenix will be looking to make history as a potential triple-recognized champion of AAA. Fenix has wanted both men to make magic together inside the hexagonal ring and now it’ll be a reality on October 15 courtesy of AAA.

Hijo del Vikingo vs. Rey Fenix, TripleMania XXX

What to Know Prior to Major Championship Match

Many lucha libre pro wrestling fans have been asking for Hijo del Vikingo vs Rey Fenix and it will finally unfold in Mexico City. The match wasn’t originally planned for TripleMania; sadly it was planned as a replacement for Kenny Omega. The real-life suspension of Omega threw a monkey wrench into the plans of AAA, so the company went with its next best option a singles match with Rey Fenix challenging for the Mega Championship. Hijo del Vikingo will be looking to make a splash during this outing since he’s been booked in meaningless tag matches leading into the finale of TripleMania, the 30th anniversary for AAA at that. The last title defense of Vikingo in AAA was earlier in the summer against John Hennigan; the match was good, but the promotion definitely could’ve held a few more Mega Championship defenses leading up to this show.

All eyes will be on the TripleMania XXX card for many reasons, but everyone will be glued to this match. Rey Fenix is the odds-on favorite to walk out of Mexico as AAA Mega Champion, but that seems to be the way the company has been operating this year. They’ve prioritized their relationships with U.S. promotions over making new stars on the regular roster. Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr will more than likely close out the TripleMania special with a big celebratory moment and the young star Hijo del Vikingo is on the outside looking in despite the hovering U.S. work visa.

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