Big Lucha: An Introduction to the World Championship

A World Championship being introduced into the promotion based out of Bandido’s Gym has been a long time coming. Bandido and friends have been feuding with Flamita and his stable Black Generacion ever since the birth of the Big Lucha project. The basis of Big Lucha was taken from X-Men comics, Bandido sees the promotion as his iteration of Charles Xavier’s School for the gifted mutants. you can definitely see the comparison as Flamita and BG are Magneto and the Brotherhood in Big Lucha.

Big Lucha is introducing a World Championship to the promotion this summer in the form of one massive tournament. The first phase will take place on July 29 (A Block) and August 26 (B Block). The “Cry of War” tournament is the international finale on September 16 and the winners of A block and B block earn a spot in this finale.

The participants in A and B Block will be taken from the following. Representing Big Lucha Flamita, Emperador Azteca, Cometa Maya, and a representative of Big Lucha World. Outsiders are Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr., Texano Jr., Super Nova, and Rey Horus.

Block A begins its action later this month in a round-robin tournament with the winning luchador advancing to the September show.  The first block is made up of 4 guests from outside Big Lucha and the other half is in-house talent. Phase 2 of the tournament in August will be round robin also but the winners of both phases will represent Mexico during the finale in September.

The “Cry of War ” tourney will be single elimination and Mexico will be represented by 4 luchadors. Countries such as Japan, England, and America are going to take part in the international finale.  Flamita, Komander, Gravity, and El Bendito are heavy favorites to win the Mexico side of the tournament. If Bandido wasn’t on leave, then he would be a frontrunner to win the entire thing honestly. We might see guys like Dr. Wagner Jr. or Psycho Clown during the second phase in August but the promotion is keeping things as surprises.