Cody Rhodes, Bianca Belair and Other Favorites Emerge in Updated Hell in a Cell Betting Odds

Cody Rhodes vs Seth Rollins | WWE Hell in a Cell 2022

It’s almost time for another WWE PPV as Hell in a Cell (HIAC) is set to take place this Sunday, June 5th, live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago. This year’s event is set to feature some marquee matchups including Bianca Belair defending her Raw Women’s Championship in a triple threat, and the main event of Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins settling their rivalry inside the daunting HIAC structure. And like all major WWE shows, betting odds have been released for Hell in a Cell. As of this writing, this PPV seems formulaic as the odds don’t really suggest any major surprises based on the card.

All odds are courtesy of Oddschecker unless otherwise noted.

Cody Rhodes (-400) vs Seth Rollins (+250)

You don’t have to know much about betting to know just how big a favorite these odds are for Cody Rhodes. Even the first round of odds, which came courtesy of BetOnline, opened with Rhodes -225 to Rollins at +150. None of this should come as a surprise because ever since WrestleMania 38, no one has been pushed as more of a star than Rhodes.

Rhodes’ return to WWE has been nothing short of a masterclass. The company has done everything right booking-wise and to Rhodes’ credit, he has showcased the star power he always knew himself to be capable of. And in a feud against one of WWE’s most charismatic stars as Seth Rollins, Rhodes has stood out, something that is not always easy to do. Rhodes and Rollins have been perfect adversaries as their verbal vitriol and physical altercations have all delivered big time. Now, that feud looks to its final chapter, inside a structure that Rollins is all too familiar. Rollins has wrestled inside the cell on four separate occasions, including most recently against Edge at 2021’s Crown Jewel. Rhodes on the other hand has only been in the cell once and has never wrestled in HIAC in a singles match.

So experience-wise, Rollins certainly has the advantage. But throughout this feud, the story has been about Rhodes’ homecoming and eventual journey to a world championship. He’s defeated Rollins twice, and it looks like the third time will also be the charm as Rhodes looks to continue riding the momentum of his return run.

Bianca Belair (-500) vs Asuka (+500) vs Becky Lynch (+500)

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Ever since defeating Becky Lynch to win her second WWE championship at WrestleMania 38, Bianca Belair has shown herself to be the EST of everything women’s division. Belair has only lost one singles match in the past few months and it was a result of a no-contest due to Lynch’s interference. The work of the last few months was all leading to this, a triple threat between the former champ, Lynch, and the returning Asuka, who too is looking to capture another world championship.

As big of a favorite as Rhodes is, Belair’s odds to retain are the greatest of any match on the card. Even early odds from BetOnline, weren’t as big as the way the line has moved in the last few days. Belair opened -200 with Lynch at +220 and Asuka at +300.

Belair is the first female star outside of the Four Horsewomen that WWE has had in a while. Yes, others have won titles but Belair is the only one who truly feels like she has the staying power of someone who can be a star for many years to come. It is no surprise that the company is preparing her for a big win as she defends her title in a triple threat, against two former champions, for the first time.

Bobby Lashley (-161) vs Omos & MVP (+110)

Bobby Lashley’s recent face turn hasn’t been without its troubles. The Almighty now finds himself with no Hurt Business and no allies as he takes on former manager/partner MVP and his new client, the imposing Omos.

This match could go either way as while Lashley is favored to get the better of the duo, his win probability is only a little over 60 percent.

Judgment Day (-350) vs AJ Styles, Finn Balor & Liv Morgan (+225)

Ever since Edge united his band of baddies, Judgment Day has been a force to be reckoned with and a thorn in the side of many on the Raw roster. Specifically to AJ Styles, who Edge began targeting shortly after WrestleMania 38. Styles has been in Edge’s crosshairs for a while but finally, the Phenomenal One received some backup in the form of an old friend. Finn Balor aligned with Styles and then the duo was joined by Liv Morgan, who has her own issues with former tag team partner and Judgment Day’s Rhea Ripley.

Judgement Day is a pretty big favorite in this one as they make their PPV debut as a faction. But HIAC also marks the first time Styles and Balor will come together as a new team, during their WWE tenures. Right now, all odds are with the heels but regardless of the outcome, it seems certain this match will be just the beginning of the war, not the end.

Kevin Owens (-161) vs Ezekiel (+120)

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While not a match that many are likely paying attention, odds-wise, this could be the most interesting of the card. That’s because just a few days BetOnline released odds with Ezekiel (-150) as the favorite over Kevin Owens (+110). But on Friday, just two days before the PPV, Oddschecker has those odds shifted with Owens (-161) listed as the favorite.

Let’s be honest. There is a shelflife to the Ezekiel character. But right now, it’s worth enjoying the dynamics of the situation. Everyone on the roster believes Ezekiel is Elias’ brother. Everyone except Kevin Owens. What has ensued has been hilarity as Owens has been absolutely flabbergasted at the idiocy of his colleagues. Finally, Owens will have a chance to take down Ezekiel in front of a PPV audience. Or perhaps, Ezekiel will get the last laugh.

Theory (-303) vs Mustafa Ali (+188)

Ever since Theory won the United States Championship back in April, Mustafa Ali has seemingly been on the periphery trying to take the title away. But Vince McMahon’s handpicked protege has managed to keep his title and his position intact. While his dignity may be up for debate, the selfie king of WWE is primed to continue his title reign with a win over the seeming afterthought of Ali.

Theory is a big favorite as he should be. He’s definitely been positioned as more of a threat and more of a star than Ali. And he’s only lost a handful of times in the midst of his title run.

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