Who Will Join The Judgment Day Next in WWE?

The Judgment Day Stable WWE
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Edge has been teasing new followers joining his Judgment Day faction on Twitter and WWE Raw. We look at who will join The Judgment Day next in WWE. This group has become one of the most interesting additions to Raw since its inception at WrestleMania.

The Judgment Day in WWE

The Faction So Far

Edge’s prophecy that the faction will grow more powerful as new people join the group has made it the focus of much gossip. Not just internet gossip, but even the announce team on Raw can’t help but speculate who will join The Judgment Day next?  

Edge claims that The Judgment Day is an opportunity for WWE superstars to redefine their careers. Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley have so far taken the WWE Hall of Famer up on his offer and nestled themselves snuggly under his wing. A wing they have already shown signs of benefitting from being under. 

Edge has extended an open opportunity for people to join his faction. Alexa Bliss, Drew McIntyre, Finn Bálor, Corey Graves, Liv Morgan, Tommaso Ciampa, and AJ Styles have all been mentioned by Edge as the next potential member to join The Judgment Day. But who is the most likely to join the group next? 

Who Will Join The Judgment Day Next?

Corey Graves 

Edge posted a picture of WWE Raw commentator Corey Graves on Twitter. He also mentioned him in a promo on Raw. Graves is the only person to positively comment on Edge’s interest in them on TV. 

While commentating on the Archer & Ripley vs. AJ Styles & Morgan tag team match on Raw, Graves admitted Edge spoke a lot of truth. Graves, who has also been rumored to make an in-ring return, said Edge presented an ‘extremely attractive offer. 

It is likely that Graves will take on a similar role to Jerry Lawler when Mr. McMahon put together his Corporation stable. Graves will put over The Judgment Day on commentary and act as an unofficial member of the group. Will he join? He practically already has! 

Finn Bálor, Liv Morgan or AJ Styles 

The current rivalry between The Judgment Day and Finn Bálor, AJ Styles, and Liv Morgan must involve the defection of one of the latter three to Edge’s group. The Judgment Day need to prove it can convince someone to join them to reflect their power. The defection would also add more sympathy to the two left behind. 

Balor is the most likely to turn. He has never seemed to fully find his stride on the main roster as a face. He is yet to have a heel run on the main roster despite us seeing how well he can play this role on NXT. Bálor‘s demon king persona would also fit well in the group. 

Morgan is one of the hottest babyfaces on Raw. AJ Styles isn’t in need of a character change to take his career to a new level as he’s already done everything in WWE. Bálor is the perfect defector.  

Simply put, it will benefit everyone involved in the storyline. 

Tommaso Ciampa 

The point of The Judgment Day is to provide people the chance to find themselves. Tommaso Ciampa is yet to define his character since joining the main roster. His chances of joining The Judgment Day are probably 50/50. He may join next to swing the odds against Bálor, Styles and Morgan. Should Bálor defect before Ciampa joins The Judgment Day, we might see Ciampa add his support to Styles. 


Paige posted the below Tweet in response to Edge touting her on Twitter to join The Judgment Day. Paige returning to TV would certainly please a lot of fans and she would fit the stable well. 

Paige’s current WWE deal is said to expire next month (June 2023). There has been speculation she has been cleared – for the first time since 2018 – to return to in-ring action. If she is able to compete it seems a no-brainer to pair her with Ripley and have her return to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

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What About The Rest?

Edge is obviously having fun posting pictures of potential Judgment Day members. He took to Twitter to post a picture of Bayley after WWE Raw. But this feels a bit too much like a swerve. Alexa Bliss and Drew McIntyre also fall into this category.

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