Ryoto Mochizuki Makes Pro Wrestling Debut, M3K is Launched

Ryoto Mochizuki Debuts and Launches M3K

At Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling’s Toryumon reunion event. Dragon Gate was shaken by the revaluation nobody saw coming. Masaharu Eto was asked by Masaaki Mochizuki to be part of M2K for the reunion show because K-Ness retired. Susumu Mochizuki and Yasushi Kanda were curious as to why he offered Eto a spot, noting Keni’chiro Arai as a former member and they could’ve used him. However, Mochizuki said it would be fine and he was set on it. This led to the debut of Ryoto Mochizuki and, by extension, the launch of M3K.

Ryoto Mochizuki Debuts, Launches M3K

M3K is Born at Toryumon

During the opening segment of the Toryumon reunion show, which is available on the Dragon Gate Network YouTube for free, Masaaki Mochizuki revealed that Masaharu Eto isn’t an ordinary Dragon Gate rookie and Masaharu Eto isn’t his real name. It was revealed that Eto is Ryoto Mochizuki, his eldest son, and not much is known other than that. Although based on the pictures posted by Masaaki on Twitter, he seems to have a karate background.

In the main event, Ryoto scored the win in his debut match in the main event at Korakuen Hall. Afterward, Masaaki Mochizuki noted that M3K wasn’t a one-night formation and they would be a regular force in Dragon Gate. The M3 stands for the three Mochizuki’s in the unit, and the K is for Kanda. Ultimo Dragon came out and gave Ryoto the new name of Mochizuki Jr. after Dory Funk Jr. This is the first-ever second-generation star to come up through the Dragon System with a direct connection with someone in Dragon Gate. It’s also the first-ever father and son team in Dragon Gate. It’s safe to say the Mochizuki name will continue to liven up Dragon Gate for years to come.

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