Indie Watch: Kidd Bandit “The Protagonist Of Pro Wrestling”

Kidd Bandit

Indie Watch is our regular series that looks at all of the amazing talents working the independent circuits around the world. Some are veterans revitalizing their careers, some are indie prospects hitting their peaks, while others are names to be on the watch for! This time we take a look at someone who has taken the pro wrestling world by storm over the past year, the protagonist of pro wrestling Kidd Bandit.

Indie Watch – The Rising Star Kidd Bandit

One thing that has been proven over the years is that for independent wrestlers, you can’t just rely on talent. You have got to bring something different to the table, something that will connect you to the audience, that makes them love or hate you. Whatever the reaction, it’s all about making an impression. No wrestler has taken that to heart more than one of the rising stars of the industry, Kidd Bandit.

Even if you don’t know Kidd Bandit from pro wrestling, you’ll know her from Twitter. Whether it be her eye-catching cosplays, his magnetic personality and kindness, or the way they deal with haters, you’ve likely come across a Kidd Bandit tweet. Through this medium Bandit managed to gain a loyal following very early on in her career as a pro wrestler, one that grows the more we get to see him work his magic in the ring.

Anime Protagonist

One of the more obvious things about Kidd Bandit is that they wear their anime influences on their sleeve. Not just in his gear, but in his overall character and presentation. Bandit is Deku, Bandit is Naruto, Bandit is the protagonist. She understands what it is that makes characters like Deku or Naruto so loveable and has perfectly carried those characteristics to pro wrestling. To us, this is one of the main reasons that Bandit’s online hype has managed to follow them into the pro wrestling ring as their career takes off. Beyond just the naruto-run dive and cool moves, there is someone who understands the nuances of personal storytelling and how to get people invested in your struggle.

Nightmare Factory

In addition to time spent training under JGT and the Santino Bros. Kidd Bandit spent some time at the Nightmare Factory training under QT Marshall and Cody Rhodes. Bandit even had a match on the third Nightmare Factory Student Showcase. Bandit spent three months at the Factory and even wrestled her first full wrestling match while there. Like many others, Bandit has been complimentary of the lessons taught by the coaches at the facility.

Unprecedented Buzz

As mentioned previously, Bandit wrestled his first full match at the Nightmare Factory, in the time since that debut he has had an almost unprecedented level of buzz. So much so that she’s already been booked to wrestle in Europe, just a year into her career. In addition to getting attention from abroad, Bandit has already made their debut for premiere indie Game Changer Wrestling (GCW), competed on AEW Dark, won the tag team titles in Destination 6 pro wrestling, and is a featured performer at Deadlock Pro Wrestling. With so much attention coming so quickly it is clear that the sky is the limit for Bandit thanks to his charismatic presence and sensational, inventive in-ring stylings.

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