Independent Wrestler Billy Dixon Announces Retirement

Billy Dixon Retires from Wrestling
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Via Twitter, independent wrestler Billy Dixon announced his retirement from professional wrestling. Dixon stated, “Firstly, I want to apologize. I’m sorry if I disappointed you with this decision to walk away.” He would then go on to discuss his past, starting wrestling when he was 19, all the while working multiple jobs and doing everything he could to survive while chasing his dream. Dixon would also touch on his injuries and depression, both of which hampered his in-ring career and life in general. “In short, I’ve neglected myself for almost a decade,” Dixon said.

“It is not accurately stated how much the physical, social, and financial stress that comes with this truly impacts your mental health,” said Dixon on Twitter. “Keep that in mind that wrestlers are in fact human beings; we hurt, cry, and deal with hardships like anyone else. Please be kind.”

Billy Dixon Retires From Wrestling

What to Know Regarding Indie Wrestling Star From New York

In his retirement announcement on Twitter, Billy Dixon listed his various accomplishments in wrestling. From being ranked the number one LGBTQ wrestler in the world to sharing the ring with Extreme Championship Wrestling legends to his work with Paris is Bumping, he accomplished much while staying true to his character. At the end of his message, he promised he would give his everything on June 17; he is scheduled to face Darius Carter at the Cassandro Cup 2022 event.

Hailing from New York, Billy Dixon has worked various independent events, including last year’s Cassandro Cup, and worked multiple matches for organizations such as No Peace Underground. Game Changer Wrestling fans may be familiar with his work as well. He faced AJ Gray at last year’s EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch in April and Hoodfoot at this year’s For the Culture, just to name a few examples.

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