Preview: GLEAT G PROWRESTLING Ver.18 (2/22/22)

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GLEAT presents G PROWRESTLING Ver.18 and it’s a monumental event. It will be the very first Korakuen Hall show for the company since its launch. Also, GLEAT will crown the inaugural G-REX Champion in the main event. Here is a rundown of the show.

G PROWRESTLING Ver.18 (2/21/22) – Full Card

  • G-REX Tournament Semi-Final Match: El Lindaman vs T-Hawk
  • G-REX Tournament Semi-Final Match: Hayato Tamura vs Takanori Ito
  • Leo Isaka, Soma Watanabe, and Jun Tonsho vs TiiiDA, Keiichi Sato, and Yu IIzuka
  • Michiko Miyagi and Yukari Hosokawa vs DASH Chisako and Yurika Oka
  • Shigehiro Irie and Issei Onitsuka vs Rising HAYATO and Atsuki Aoyagi
  • CIMA, Kikutaro, Kaz Hayashi, and Minoru Tanaka vs Ryuichi Kawakami, Nobuhiro Shimatani, KAZMA Sakamoto, and Quiet Storm
  • G-REX Championship Deciding Match: X vs XX

G-REX Tournament Semi Final Match: El Lindaman vs T-Hawk

This match has years upon years worth of friendship and bonding carved into it. T-Hawk and El Lindaman are not only members of STRONGHEARTS but they’re almost like family. Since the start of El Lindaman’s pro wrestling career, they’ve been part of each faction they’ve entered save for one. Have all included T-Hawk and their bond was so strong they took a leap of faith to follow CIMA and start up the traveling unit that would become STRONGHEARTS. Their path has now brought them to the G-REX Tournament semi-finals.

El Lindaman has gone through two previous rounds, defeating both Issei Ontisuka and Soma Watanabe respectively. Meanwhile, T-Hawk had a first-round bye and defeated Minoru Tanaka in the second round to advance. There’s always been a gap between the two, but at this stage, it finally feels they’re on equal footing and anything can happen. However, T-Hawk seems like the odds on favorite to advance to the finals.

Prediction: T-Hawk

G-REX Tournament Semi Final Match: Hayato Tamura vs Takanori Ito

This is the definition of anyone can win here. Hayato Tamura and Takanori Ito are both very believable options to make the finals and win the whole thing. As faith would have it, they find themselves facing off in the semi-finals. Hayato Tamura gained a first-round bye before beating Yu IIzuka in the second round. Takanori Ito has had one of the biggest tournaments of them all, becoming the first wrestler in GLEAT to beat Ryuichi Kawakami in singles action before besting CIMA in the second round to advance.

For quite some time, Ito and Tamura have felt, during their exchanges in tag team matches, that they were destined to collide and here they are. Now the question remains, who will advance to the finals? While the logical choice would be Ito, after the first night of the tournament, the prospect of Tamura and T-Hawk in the finals is too good to pass on.

Prediction: Hayato Tamura

G-REX Championship Deciding Match: X vs XX

This will be the main event of the show, where GLEAT will crown their inaugural G-REX Champion. Based on the predictions we’ve made, we believe T-Hawk will face Hayato Tamura in the finals. Their chemistry is undeniable, and it’s something that would rock Korakuen in GLEAT’s first appearance there. As far as a winner goes, there is still no clear direction heading into G PROWRESTLING Ver.18. However, we believe it’s time for T-Hawk to rise up and be the top star he was always been destined to be.

Prediction: T-Hawk

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