Pro Wrestling NOAH News: Faction Update Before GAIN CONTROL 2022

NOAH Faction News GAIN CONTROL 2022
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Pro Wrestling NOAH has been a mainstay in pro wrestling for the past two decades. Many wrestling shows are focused on specific wrestling factions. In NOAH’s case, they have NOAH’s Main Unit, KONGO, Los Perros el Mal de Japón, Sugiura-Gun, M’s Alliance, and many more. In recent shows, factions have been going through some shuffling, most being in the chaotic NOAH junior heavyweight division. Here’s what to know about the factions in NOAH prior to GAIN CONTROL 2022.

NOAH Factions – What to Know Before GAIN CONTROL 2022

YO-HEY Leaves Los Perros el Mal de Japón & Joins NOAH’s Main Unit

During the Step Forward tour, YO-HEY would cause a major loss for Los Perros el Mal de Japón against their arch-rivals, STINGER. It was here that the former lost to a relatively new wrestler, Yasutaka Yano, in a four-minute match. This was mainly due to a communication issue with a misplaced superkick from YO-HEY. YO-HEY would get kicked out of the faction but spark the intrigue of NOAH’s Main Unit. YO-HEY would join NOAH’s Main Unit, eliciting dislike from its member Hajime Ohara due to YO-HEY’s betrayal during their Full Throttle Days. This would be showcased in a major way in the upcoming N-Innovation show.

One of the most notable things about YO-HEY leaving is his part in the upcoming GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship match. He’ll team with Atsushi Kotoge to face off against HAYATA and Yuya Susumu. The winners of that match will be becoming the new tag champions as the titles were vacated due to Seiki Yoshioka getting injured.

Hajime Ohara Leaves NOAH’s Main Unit & Joins KONGO

Hajime Ohara showcased a major dislike for YO-HEY joining NOAH’s Main Unit. This frustration was showcased in the N-Innovation on February 17. After losing a match on that event, Ohara announced his departure from NOAH’s Main Unit & joined KONGO. Hajime Ohara has a documented history with KONGO’s leader, Kenoh, with both being former 2x GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. Since the departure of HAOH to NOAH’s main unit, from his defection from KONGO, the latter faction needed another good junior talent; Hajime Ohara may be the one to step up to the plate.

Los Perros el Mal de Japón Looks for New Members; Expect Newcomers Next Month

Since the group’s debut, Los Perros el Mal de Japón has been a dominant force in the junior tag team division. New members have come in left and right. One of its most recent members is Super Crazy, who made his return to Pro Wrestling NOAH earlier this year. Currently, Super Crazy is the next contender for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship and will face Daisuke Harada at GAIN CONTROL in NAGOYA. However, that’s not the only thing that’s been known.

Recent tweets from the group’s leader, NOSAWA Rongai, have been hinting at potential new members for the faction. New members have been needed since the departure of YO-HEY. Newcomers could be seen very soon, too. Some of the rumors to be believed could be part of either N-Innovation or the MAJESTIC two-night event. Completely dedicated to NOAH’s juniors, MAJESTIC is set for April 29.

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