IWTV The Masked Wrestler Season 2 E4 Review/Recap

IWTV The Masked Wrestler Season 2 Episode 4 Graphic

The Masked Wrestler on IWTV rolled on this week, as the reality-based show premiered its fourth episode on Wednesday night just an hour before AEW Dynamite went on the air. If you’re not familiar with the concept of the show, it’s based on Fox’s mega-successful show, The Masked Singer, where real-life celebrities dress up as colorful characters and try to mask their identity all while singing hit songs. On The Masked Wrestler, various independent wrestlers will dress up and compete in matches under their masks. If they happen to lose the match, they are forced to reveal their identity to the judges and the audience.

The judging panel of WARHORSEEdith Surreal, and Matt Tremont were back this week — along with host Larry Legend.

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Masked Wrestler Match Four: Prince Nemo vs. Big Vlad

Prince Nemo was introduced first. Although they didn’t reveal the exact number of years they have been wrestling, they noted that they’ve “been in the pond” for a long time. Nemo didn’t have much of an opinion about the judges, but their three statements (two true, one false) were: They’re the whole effing show, They were trained by wrestling royalty, and they ironically hate fish sticks.

Big Vlad (who was dressed like Mordecai from Regular Show) has been wrestling for two years. Their three statements were: They’re straight edge, They used to work for a major wrestling promotion, and cliff diving is a passionate hobby of theirs.

Prince Nemo dealt out the majority of the punishment in the actual match, as they were the much bigger competitor. Big Vlad showed a ton of resilience and was able to absorb some of it, but would eventually fall victim to a reverse rack bomb from Prince Nemo. While this match was a bit on the longer side of things compared to previous matches, I personally think it fell a little short.

As for my personal guesses, I didn’t get a good read on either person. Prince Nemo could be somebody like Suge D, while Big Vlad could be BK Westbrook.

As per the rules, the competitor on the losing end must unmask after the judges make their picks. Matt Tremont’s guess was Dyln McKay, Edith Surreal’s guess was Space Monkey, and WARHORSE’s guess was Chase Gold.

Big Vlad was… Dyln McKay

Big Vlad was revealed to be Dyln McKay! McKay, who was trained by Matt Tremont, comes out of the New Jersey area and primarily wrestles for H20 and GCW. His lie was that he used to work for a major wrestling promotion.

Since Tremont guessed right, all three of the judges are tied with one point apiece as we head into the semi-finals.

IWTV The Masked Wrestler S2 Episode 4 Review

Although there was nothing particularly bad about it, I found episode 4 of The Masked Wrestler to be the least interesting thus far. The characters had potential but didn’t really have creative clues or hints about who they could be. And as previously mentioned, the match was rather subpar.

The semi-finals start next week, so we can expect to find out new information of some characters that have already been introduced this season.

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