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IWTV The Masked Wrestler Season 2 E2 Review and Recap

The Masked Wrestler Season 2

The second season of The Masked Wrestler rolled on this week, as the second episode of the hit reality wrestling crossover premiered on IWTV on Wednesday night. If you’re not familiar with the concept of the show, it’s based on Fox’s mega-successful show The Masked Singer, where real-life celebrities dress up as colorful characters and try to mask their identity all while singing hit songs.

The judging panel of WARHORSE, Edith Surreal, and Matt Tremont were back this week — along with host Larry Legend.

Note: If you’re unfamiliar with the rules of the show, check out the review of Episode 1.

Match Two: Jesterclops vs. El Gato Blanco

Jesterclops was introduced first and from right out of the gate, you could tell they had a flamboyant nature to them. The hand mannerisms had me leaning towards a few names, but nothing concrete. The person also gave off some cocky vibes here and there. They revealed three things (two truths and a lie) about their identity: They auditioned for American Idol, they believe Oprah is going to kill them one day, and they have 24 tattoos. My final guess, despite being a longshot, was Dalton Castle.

El Gato Blanco revealed more insight about themselves than Jesterclops did. Blanco noted that they have been a wrestler for decades and have also worn a mask while wrestling before. As for the two truths and one lie, Blanco stated the following: They’ve been to a Wham! concert, they’ve spent more time in Europe than in the USA, and they’ve been a AAA Mega Champion before. Personally, I guessed Dr. Wagner Jr.

The match between the two opponents lasted about eight minutes, with Blanco picking up the victory after hitting a spike powerslam. Jesterclops did not wrestle the style that Dalton Castle normally does, so my guess was most likely wrong right then and there. Blanco’s style was more powerhouse-centered.

As per the rules, the competitor on the losing end must unmask after the judges make their picks. Matt Tremont’s guess was Deklan Grant, Edith Surreal’s guess was Devon Monroe, and WARHORSE’s guess was Daniel Garcia (a really weird guess in my opinion).

Jesterclops was… Ashton Starr

Jesterclops was revealed to be Ashton Starr! Starr is mainly featured in Georgia, wrestling in promotions like ACTION, Southern Honor Wrestling, and IWE. Starr was obviously disappointed by this loss but was confident that he’ll earn a shot at the IWTV Championship in the future. His lie was that he has 24 tattoos, as he only has 23.

IWTV The Masked Wrestler Season 2, Episode 2 Review

The second episode of the second season of The Masked Wrestler was a delight. The characters were well thought out, I loved Jesterclops’ outfit/vibe, and the in-ring product was good. Larry Legend put in another standout performance and really added to the value of the show and how much it felt like a real game show.

WARHORSE, who thought Jesterclops could be the biggest thing in wrestling, was thoroughly entertaining when he was eliminated.

If you’re interested in checking out The Masked Wrestler, you can sign up for an IWTV subscription here.

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