Indie Watch: Ninja Mack

Ninja Mack

Indie Watch is our regular series that looks at all of the amazing talents working the independent circuits around the world. Some are veterans revitalizing their careers, some are indie prospects hitting their peaks, while others are names to be on the watch for! This time, we take a look at the career of the Texas-born “Kamikaze,” Ninja Mack.

When discussing the “human highlight reels” of the independent wrestling world, discussion must be made for Ninja “Kamikaze” Mack. Whether performing acrobatic feats between the ropes or high-stakes dives from the tallest of structures, it’s easy to see why this individual has developed a reputation around the world. Currently, he may be best known for his ongoing work in Game Changer Wrestling, though there’s much more to know about Cypress’s wrestling ninja. Let’s take a deeper look into Ninja Mack.

Ninja Mack – The Human Highlight Reel of Indie Wrestling

Life Prior to Stepping Between the Ropes

Even before Ninja Mack entered the world of professional wrestling, he gained experience entertaining crowds, wowing them with the most dazzling of maneuvers. The real-life Brenden Mack toured with various circuses in the United States, Mexico, and elsewhere, even working with Cirque du Soleil, the latter being the largest circus producer in the world today. “I was fortunate enough to be in a couple acts, but I was never a solo act,” Mack said in an interview with Houston Chronicle. “With wrestling, you get more shine on you, you get more control in what you do.”

This led Mack to begin professional wrestling training. He grew up a wrestling fan, watching such organizations as Pro Wrestling NOAH, Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, and World Wrestling Entertainment. Mack decided to train under the tutelage of Booker T at the WWE Hall of Famer’s Reality of Wrestling based in Houston, Texas. He made his official debut in December of 2014 for the company, wrestling under the name Brenden Skye; this was before he adopted the ninja mask and attire indie wrestling fans associate with him today. The future Ninja Mack continued to work with ROW, as well as Promociones Martinez across Texas, in the years that followed. However, it wasn’t until late 2020 that he saw his first big break.

Enter Loko Wrestling and Beyond

By this point, Ninja Mack adopted the masked, ninja-esque persona that fans know him for today. For the uninitiated, Loko Wrestling is a Houston-based independent promotion that brings lucha libre offense and hardcore wrestling into one package. Mack made his Loko debut in October of 2020, picking up a victory over Aereo. It was his January 2021 match against Dante Leon, though, that caught the attention of Game Changer Wrestling. This would lead to numerous appearances for GCW that began with Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation F this past April, where Mack won the Scramble Match that has become a company tradition.

Since then, Ninja Mack’s popularity across the independent scene skyrocketed. VIP Wrestling, Warrior Wrestling, Black Label Pro, Violence x Suffering – these are just a few locations that featured the Cypress native over the past several months. It’s easy to see why, especially when one watches his matches. Crowds are consistently amazed when they see him execute maneuvers including his moonsault to the outside preceded by several back handsprings. Watching a Ninja Mack bout is akin to being treated to an athletic performance in various respects, which should come as no surprise given his work before wrestling.

2021 – The Year of The Kamikaze

While 2020 may have been a breakout year for Ninja Mack, things kicked into the next gear come 2021. Mack became an international name in wrestling, not only working for AAA but Mexican promotions such as International Wrestling Revolution Group and Kriminal Lucha Libre. However, it was his work in America, specifically for GCW, that put him on the collective radar of the independent wrestling world. Whether working with Lucky 13 at Zombie Walk, testing his mettle against Joey Janela at You Only Die Once, or going toe-to-toe with Tony Deppen at GCW Homecoming, “Kamikaze” never failed to live up to his reputation within this indie wrestling powerhouse.

In addition to GCW scrambles, Mack has been part of multiple high-stakes encounters. Last year, he competed for not only GCW but Ring of Honor tag team gold, teaming alongside Loko Wrestling rival Dante Leon on both occasions. While these matches didn’t result in championship gold being captured, they showed that the Texas-born ninja was more than a source of GIF-able moments. Rather, he was a formidable competitor that, on any given night, could not only steal the show but capture a victory.

2022 and What Lies Beyond for Ninja Mack

The year 2022 is still young, but Ninja Mack hit the ground running. His first appearance of the year took place at GCW Die 4 This in January, where he competed in the DO or DIE Rumble. Later that month, at REVOLVER’s Once Upon a Time in Iowa, he faced IMPACT Wrestling’s Madman Fulton. This doesn’t even begin to cover his continued appearances for Loko and MCW Pro Wrestling, the latter based in Maryland. Don’t be surprised to see your local independent company announce their upcoming card and see Ninja Mack featured; if so, it may be in your best interest to pick up a ticket. In terms of international work in 2022, it was announced that he will be part of a tour with NOAH; given his history watching the promotion, as a fan, the importance of this can’t be understated.

From the extravagant world of circus performance to the hard-hitting landscape of professional wrestling, Ninja Mack made the transition with ease. Along the way, he formed an identity all his own, establishing himself as one of the most awe-inspiring competitors on the independent scene. It would seem that the sky is the limit for Mack, and based on his in-ring work that he’s become famous for, reaching the sky is a challenge he’ll confidently accept.

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