Preview: Eastern Townships Wrestling Association – ETWA Don’t Call It A Comeback! (2/12/22)

ETWA Don't Call It A Comeback
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When one considers the New England area wrestling scene, a lot can be said for states such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and even Maine, but one of the states not discussed as much is Vermont. Imagine being able to take a nice long weekend trip to Vermont to see some professional wrestling and take in some tourism. Eastern Townships Wrestling Association would be a fantastic choice for a promotion to build such a vacation around and they return to live events with ETWA Don’t Call It A Comeback!

ETWA Don’t Call It A Comeback! – Full Card

Jobz vs Sonny Defarge

While fans might be more familiar with Sonny Defarge in this match than Jobz, at the last ETWA event- back in 2020, almost two years to the date- Jobz lost to Tyler Payne. As the world went into a global pandemic, and ETWA rightfully took some time off, it can only be assumed that during that time Jobz was focusing on how to get on track towards winning. Sonny Defarge may want to play spoiler to that, but it’s going to be a tough fight for both of these wrestlers at ETWA Don’t Call It A Comeback!

Donnie Ray vs C.C. Boost

Donnie Ray is perhaps best known for appearing in promotions such as Premier Wrestling Federation and DEADLOCK Pro Wrestling, both based out of North Carolina, though he also was involved in a match on the IWTV Untitled show back in October of last year. C.C. Boost, however, is not the wrestler to mess with. Most recently, Boost was scheduled to face Max ZERO in a Barbed Wire Match, which didn’t happen and one can only assume that Boost has a lot of pent-up aggression based upon that and other things. This may not be the most technical of matches, but it’s going to be a scrap.

CPA vs Preston Douglas

Preston Douglas might not be a well-known name, but going into this event, he scored a win over Jake Marcy at Backdrops & Broken Hearts. But that was nearly two years ago and CPA has been picking up win after win for the likes of Blitzkrieg! Pro, Create A Pro Wrestling, Wrestling Open, Northeast Championship Wrestling, and seemingly everywhere in New England and beyond. This match-up could go either way, but it is tax season and that seems to favor CPA!

Three-Way Elimination Match for the ETWA Tag Team Championship: Hyper Poutine (c) vs The Colony vs The Reality

Going into this match, The Colony (Green Ant and Thief Ant) have a win over MAD in a six-person tag at the last event back in early 2020. Hyper Poutine also has a victory over MAD as ETWA Tag Team Champions, so this will be an interesting match because The Reality is also being thrown in as somewhat of a wild card. Being an elimination style match as well, the champions could be eliminated first, putting the focus on the other two teams. This will be an intriguing match just to see which team is eliminated first. However, it will be tough for Hyper Poutine to retain the titles as the numbers seem to work against them here.

Anthony Greene vs Channing Thomas

Originally, this match was supposed to be Anthony Greene vs Jay Freddie, but Freddie suffered an injury. Whenever that match gets rescheduled, be sure to keep your eyes out for it because if you didn’t have time to prepare for this show, that will be a show worth making the trip to Vermont for! In all of the possible replacements ETWA could have found to face Greene, Channing Thomas was perhaps the best. Greene has been on an absolute tear recently, wrestling such up and coming stars as B3CCA, Gal Barkay, and Marcus Mathers.

In many ways, it feels like if you’re a wrestler about to break through to that next level of fame and notoriety within independent wrestling, you must first go through Anthony Greene. Channing Thomas has been having fantastic matches in NCW, Top Rope Pro and anywhere he’s been. This is going to be a career-making match for Thomas and it should come as no surprise because that’s just what Greene does and his opponent at ETWA Don’t Call It A Comeback! is just that good.

Also scheduled to be in action are The Saito Brothers, Owen Brody, Bobby Orlando, and more! This is a great combination of wrestlers who you may know versus wrestlers you may not know and it all goes down on Saturday, February 12th, 2022 live from Derby, VT. For tickets and more information please visit

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