Preview: Blitzkrieg! Pro Wrestling – Shoulder To The Wheel: Speculative Card (12/3/21)

Blitzkrieg! Pro “Shoulder To The Wheel”

Editors Note – This is a speculative card for Blitzkrieg! Pro Wrestling Shoulder To The Wheel. The below wrestlers are announced for the show, but no matches have been announced. This preview is speculative and the matches may not happen as written below. 

When Blitzkrieg! Pro announced Shoulder To The Wheel would take place the night before Mark It Zero– the idea was that it would be a sort of secret show. The matches would not be announced in advance, and while the staples of the Blitzkrieg! Pro roster would be on hand so would newcomers. Along with wrestlers who may not have been in B!P for a while.

As of this writing, there are a total of nine different talents announced for Shoulder To The Wheel. Each of those making their debut in B!P. From this information, I have gathered what could be potential matchups for each of these wrestlers as they take on a member of the Blitzkrieg! Pro roster. Again, these are not confirmed matches for “Shoulder To The Wheel”. Rather a rendition of what might become the eventual card. The only way to find out the card is to be in Enfield, CT on December 3rd, 2021!

Blitzkrieg! Pro Shoulder To The Wheel Announced Wrestlers And Speculative Card

Austin Luke vs. Logan Black

As soon as Austin Luke was announced for this show, the first thing which likely came to the minds of many reading the news was that Austin Luke is from H2O. This, in and of itself, feels like a claim of not only being the toughest but being the most hardcore. If you’re coming from NJ and claiming to be hardcore then the Blitzkrieg! Pro measuring stick is currently being held in that regard by none other than Logan Black. Oh yes, this match would deliver so much violence that it almost might be too much.

Abby Jane & Pancakes vs. Shook Crew

Both Abby Jane and Pancakes were announced individually to appear on this show. As they have been a tag team in the past there is no reason why they couldn’t team together here. As much as it feels like this match has happened before, that is quite possibly just because of how genuinely fun and natural it feels for Abby Jane and Pancakes – two newcomers to Blitzkrieg! Pro- to take on Bobby Orlando and Bryce Donovan. Who are two of the cornerstones of the promotion. If this match doesn’t happen at Shoulder To The Wheel, it must happen eventually!

Mike Anthony vs. VSK

Mike Anthony has stated far too often that he is not crazy. Perhaps the member of the Blitzkrieg! Pro roster who could best match his level of crazy by being chill is VSK. While this is the initial thought for a match with Mike Anthony if VSK is unavailable or B!P doesn’t mind doing a newcomer vs newcomer type of match. Then Mike Anthony vs Hippy Dicky Moon would also be appropriate.

“Dr Cool” Jay Klang vs. Travis Huckabee

When you call yourself “Dr Cool” you have to back it up and Jay Klang does just that. From his look to the Book of Cool to his in-ring style, everything about Jay Klang is just Cool. So why not have “Dr Cool” Jay Klang take on perhaps the most uncool member of the Blitzkrieg! Pro roster: Travis Huckabee. Granted, there might be a single match in Camp Leapfrog between Travis Huckabee and Alec Price which gives off the impression that Travis Huckabee is a square. But this would be a great test for “Dr Cool” Jay Klang and win or lose it would showcase his skills, creating new fans of The Cool.

Dante Drago vs. CPA

Though Dante Drago boasts about how much time he spends on Tinder, odds are good that he doesn’t spend that much time on Turbo Tax. Dante Drago spends a lot of time thinking about Dante Drago but now is the time for him to pay his taxes!

Jack Tomlinson vs. King Crab

Jack Tomlinson is perhaps best known for being a vlogger and wrestler. One would imagine that King Crab would not take kindly to someone having their cell phone on a selfie stick during their match and so this would be fitting since King Crab might not even know what a vlogger is. Regardless of online affiliations, this would be an amazing match-up!

Miracle Generation vs. A Message To You

Miracle Generation (Dustin Waller and Kylon King) have been tearing it up all over Connecticut, Massachusetts, and anywhere else they can. Though a younger team and new to Blitzkrieg! Pro, they could still give the veterans A Message To You (Leary and Perry Von Vicious) a run for their money with their speed and high flying skills. Miracle Generation has been a legitimate threat to every tag team they have faced. A Message To You are two B!P originals who seem to be the gatekeepers to some extent and not to twist words but a sink or swim type of situation might be the best bet for Miracle Generation!

How to Watch Blitzkrieg! Pro Shoulder To The Wheel

While this is only seven matches, there might be more. There might not. None of these matches might even happen, this was just to serve as an example of what the card could potentially look like. But in order to find out, you must show up to Enfield, CT in person!

Shoulder To The Wheel takes place in Enfield, CT on December 3rd, 2021. Tickets are only available at the door and are $10 if you also have tickets for “Mark It Zero”, $20 if you do not. For more information click hereStay tuned to the Last Word on Pro Wrestling for more on this and other stories from around the world of wrestling, as they develop. You can always count on LWOPW to be on top of the major news in the wrestling world, as well as to provide you with analysis, previews, videos, interviews, and editorials on the wrestling world!