Sadistic Bryan Danielson is What the World Has Needed

Bryan Danielson becomes sadistic in feud with Adam Page

In what is most weeks a very solid show, AEW Dynamite now boasts one of the best characters in wrestling: a meaner, more sadistic mid-00s throwback version of Bryan Danielson. For much of the past decade, Bryan had been performing as the quintessential babyface – a role he plays as well as almost anybody, such is his natural likability and his easy-to-root for unmatched pro wrestling ability. In recent weeks, he has developed into a man we will refer to as “Sadistic” Bryan Danielson; someone who just wants to kick the f***ing heads in of any and every opponent who stands opposite. Unfortunately for Adam Page, this version of Bryan Danielson is coming for him… and it is the best thing for both men.

Destruction of the Dark Order

Since entering a feud with AEW World Champion “Hangman” Adam Page, who has very much assumed the mantle of ultimate babyface from Bryan, Bryan has had to switch from babyface to something more closely resembling a heel. In many ways, the current incarnation of his character is a tribute to most of his other heel work; with the bad*ss work of mid-00s Bryan Danielson being merged in with the Captain Planet eco-warrior who touts the crowd as “fickle”. This was a necessary switch as, with Page now clearly positioned to be the “face of the company”, it would make little sense for a babyface Bryan Danielson to split the audience 50/50 in a match and feud with Adam Page. Therefore, taking on this heelish character – who Bryan himself has actually declared (in an interview with Busted Open Radio) is not a heel – destroying each member of The Dark Order in their hometowns and altering “Cowboy s**t” to “Coward s**t” makes Bryan a primed opponent for Adam Page. Destroying Evil Uno (and infamously flexing during a submission, adding insult to injury), Colt Cabana (who had his teeth kicked out) and Alan Angels in their hometowns leads to Bryan likely doing the same to John Silver in Rhode Island next week, making this feud with the Dark Order’s closest ally, Adam Page, one much more personal. Should Bryan win at AEW Winter is Coming in two weeks, we will have an excellent, established heel champion to represent AEW. Should Adam Page win, and he probably should (as well as will), Adam Page becomes just that bit more legitimized in the eyes of the AEW audience.

How Long Will it Last?

Bryan Danielson vs Adam Page at Winter is Coming
Photo: All Elite Wrestling / Winter is Coming

Should Bryan be telling the truth and he’s not actually a heel, this gimmick could be over in as little as two weeks. Once the feud with Adam Page concludes at AEW Winter is Coming, we might well see Bryan returning to a more humble, less head-kicky edition of his character. However, this really should not be the case – a presumed loss for Bryan could send him into something of a vindictive spiral, where he begins transitioning from kicking the heads of the Dark Order in to kicking the heads of everybody in. This is a Bryan Danielson the world is not ready for. As pro wrestling fans with a lust for punishment, however, we might be close to witnessing Danielson in his purest, most sadistic form… and we can’t wait. AEW Winter is Coming takes place on December 15th and 17th 2021 and will be live on TNT. Bryan Danielson and Adam Page will conclude their rivalry at the event.

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