Predictions and Preview: AEW Full Gear 2021 (11/13/21)

Tony Khan Took Media Questions Ahead of AEW Full Gear 2021

All Elite Wrestling is locked and fully loaded for this Saturday night’s 2021 edition of Full Gear. All bases are about to fire on what’s to be a fantastic night in Minneapolis at the Target Center. Many of these competitors have a score to settle. Some are yearning for gold and others looking to survive and come out on top of their respective battles. Blood will be spilled, dreams are going to be broken, and, lifelong fantasies will be realized in the year-ending pay-per-view spectacular known as AEW Full Gear 2021.

On this night, grudges are going to come to an end. Champions will be crowned and all-out chaos will ensue. This card is loaded from top to bottom, so don’t you dare miss a second of it. On a cold and desolate night in Minneapolis, the stars of AEW will come at you in full gear. Strap yourselves in, because this will be a night of wrestling action you will not soon forget. We will not keep you waiting any longer. Sit back and enjoy one hell of an #AllElite ride as we run it down.

AEW Full Gear 2021 Match Card:

  • CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston
  • Falls Count Anywhere Match: Superkliq vs. Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus & Christian Cage
  • AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament – Final: Miro vs. Bryan Danielson
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship: Lucha Brothers (c) vs. FTR
  • Darby Allin (w/Sting) vs. MJF
  • Minneapolis Street Fight: Inner Circle vs. Men Of The Year & American Top Team
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (c) vs. Tay Conti
  • AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) (w/Don Callis) vs. Hangman Page

CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston

The animosity between CM Punk and Eddie Kingston went from a zero to a hundred in no time at all. Kingston lost a semifinal matchup against Bryan Danielson in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament a few weeks ago on AEW Rampage. Being the intense competitor Kingston is, he took this all to heart and not at all well. He sacrificed every fiber of his being to finally achieve a shot at world title gold. Ultimately, he once again fell a little short. Punk was in the middle of an interview backstage with Tony Schiavone when Kingston entered the fray and all his inner turmoil erupted in front of Punk. The Chicago native did not take kindly to this untimely interruption and demanded an apology on the following AEW Dynamite.

Friday night on Rampage, tensions rose quickly as these two aired out almost 15 years of animosity. Kingston accused Punk of holding him down and judging him when he was just starting out in wrestling, even though he put Punk on such a high pedestal, considering him as one of his heroes. Punk’s rebuttal to that statement was that he and the other men Eddie idolized, the likes of Samoa Joe, Homicide, and The Amazing Red, judged him as well. Punk claimed that Kingston fell short of their expectations, even though he had the talent to back it up.

Words were said and punches were thrown right after that exchange. These two got so personal that they wanted to tear each other limb from limb. However, there’s always a time and place for everything. Full Gear 2021 will be the battlefield for this monumental matchup. It only took days for dirty laundry to be aired out but the time for talking has come and gone. It will be Punk versus Kingston one on one on the 13th and nobody should dare stand in their way.

Prediction: Eddie Kingston

AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament – Final: Miro vs. Bryan Danielson

Both of these men only want one thing: a shot at the AEW World Championship. Bryan Danielson ran the gauntlet and defeated the likes of Dustin Rhodes and Eddie Kingston to clinch a spot in the finals. Miro only had to endure one supreme opponent in Orange Cassidy. One might think that gives the hulking Bulgarian monster an edge. But, they’re wrong; if Miro was in the tournament from the get-go, it’s safe to say he would’ve made it to this point anyway.

On the other side of the bracket, Danielson has been one stellar wrestling machine since he entered AEW. He’s truly undeniable. Miro and Danielson may have been destined to meet in these finals all along. Two aggressive competitors who will put life and limb to win at any cost make for a battle for the ages. Only one will come out on top and book their ticket for a shot at one of the most prestigious world titles in the world. “The American Dragon” against “The Redeemer” will be one for the books and you do not want to miss it.

Prediction: Bryan Danielson

AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page

“Hangman” Adam Page has fallen short time and time again in winning the AEW World Championship. Yet, many still believe in him, and for good reason. This man has a “never say die” attitude that keeps fans rooting for him, even in his darkest times, when doubt crept into his mind if he was really good enough. When his best friend and former AEW World Tag Team Championship partner betrayed him, he hit rock bottom and rose from the ashes. He never gave up.

Page came back and won the Casino Ladder Match last month to once again take a swing at winning the big one. The Hangman Page that came back is far removed from his insecurities. He came back better and stronger than ever. It’s like nothing can stop him now. Many feel that his time is coming and it’s his destiny to finally climb the mountain and sit atop its summit. There’s one man standing in his way: the aforementioned former AEW World Tag Team Championship partner. The man who has belittled Hangman every step of the way, reminding him of his past failures and how he can’t manage to strike gold no matter what he does. This is the man he once called a friend: Kenny Omega.

Omega has been called “The God Of Pro Wrestling” as well as the best wrestler who has ever lived and there might be some validity to that statement. 2021 has been Omega’s year. He won two more world titles on top of the AEW World Championship. He has defeated anyone and everyone to reign atop the AEW mountain for 11 months. The man is a terminator in every sense of the word. We all know he will stop at nothing to keep his stranglehold on the AEW world title for as long as he wants to. This match at AEW Full Gear 2021 is one of the most, if not the most, anticipated of the year.

Ending The Fight at AEW Full Gear

This match pits two former friends turned bitter enemies and hanging gold above their heads. These two will unleash once that bell rings. We might be seeing Kenny Omega solidify his place as the unbreakable world-beater of AEW. On the flipside, we might be seeing the end of his reign and, finally, “Hangman” Adam Page achieve the one thing that has eluded him: the AEW World Championship.

Prediction: Hangman Page