Preview: Dragon Gate – The Gate of Destiny 2021 (11/3/21)

Dragon Gate The Gate of Destiny 2021
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Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling is set to hold their annual event, The Gate of Destiny. The card is stacked with two R.E.D. vs HIGH-END Championship bouts. Viewers will also see an outsider team looking to take home the Open The Twin Gate Championships. Let’s take a deeper look at what to expect at The Gate of Destiny 2021.

The Gate of Destiny 2021 Card

  • KZY, U-T, Jacky Funky Kamei, and Genki Horiguchi vs Don Fuji, Naruki Doi, Gamma, and Takashi Yoshida.
  • Cleanpa! Battle Royal.
  • Ultimo Dragon, Riki Iihashi, and Ishin Iihashi vs Masaaki Mochizuki, Yasushi Kanda, and Takumi Hayakawa.
  • Shun Skywalker, Kota Minoura, La Estrella, and Dragon Dia vs KAI, SBKENTo, Diamanté, and Dia Inferno.
  • Open The Triangle Gate Championship: Eita, Kaito Ishida, and H•Y•O (c) vs Dragon Kid, Ben-K, and Kagetora.
  • Open the Twin Gate Championship: King Shimizu and Susumu Yokosuka (c) vs Kenoh and Haoh.
  • Open the Dream Gate Championship: YAMATO (c) vs BxB Hulk

Open The Triangle Gate Championship Match: H•Y•O, Kaito Ishida, and Eita (c) vs Dragon Kid, Ben-K, and Kagetora

Eita, Kaito Ishida, and H•Y•O recently won the Open the Triangle Gate Championship from Masquerade at Dangerous Gate. Since then, there’s been budding friction in R.E.D. This has been especially true between H•Y•O and Eita, with both men blaming each other for losing the all-out war series against Masquerade. H•Y•O stated that if Eita has a problem with anything, he can say it to his face. While all that was happening, the champions were caught off guard.

Ben-K and Dragon Kid ended up scoring victories over members of the Triangle Gate titleholding team. Both men initially challenged alongside Keisuke Okuda. Due to an injury sustained by Okuda, and a victory over H•Y•O, Kagetora nominated himself to take Okuda’s place at The Gate of Destiny 2021. R.E.D. agreed to the substitution. Have HIGH-END gotten a little too overconfident with their recent success? Will the issues within R.E.D. cause their downfall?

Open The Twin Gate Championship: Susumu Yokosuka and King Shimizu (c) vs Kenoh and Haoh

This is an Amazon Prime Video “dragongate presented by LEC” Sponsored match. It stems from the Dragon Gate Amazon Prime show that’s only available in Japan. Kenoh has been having problems with YAMATO on the show. Kenoh and Haoh even faced Masaaki Mochizuki and YAMATO in a match. KENSO showed up to a Dragon Gate Korakuen promoting the Amazon Prime show, promising to bring challengers for Susumu Yokosuka and King Shimizu’s Open the Twin Gate Championship. Many speculated who would be brought in.

Many were shocked when two members of Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Kongo unit were unveiled. Kenoh cited that, when he was in high school, he came to see a Dragon Gate show. Susumu bumped into him, and he has never forgotten that grudge. The Natural Vibes duo ultimately accepted the challenge and the title match was signed for the Gate of Destiny. Can Susumu and Shimizu continue their roll as champions, or will the Kongo members take the Open the Twin Gate Championship to NOAH?

Open The Dream Gate Championship: YAMATO (c) vs BxB Hulk

YAMATO was able to overcome a very game Kota Minoura back at Dangerous Gate. “The Almighty” looks to be at the same form he was back when he was Open the Dream Gate Champion. Yet, YAMATO didn’t have long to celebrate; just a few shows later, he was pinned in the middle of the ring by BxB Hulk. From there, Hulk began to gloat. He claimed he didn’t want to challenge for the belt, due to the fact he already beat YAMATO, meaning he had nothing left to prove. Being an honorable champion, YAMATO challenged Hulk.

The challenge was accepted, and on the road to The Gate of Destiny, the two have been at each other’s throats. Wild brawls between the champion and the challenger broke out. These two have a long history together; they’ve been intertwined for two years now. This grudge dates back to when Hulk turned on YAMATO while they were Twin Gate Champions, when Hulk joined R.E.D. Now, they finally get a singles match to settle the score, and it’s for the Dream Gate Championship.  Can YAMATO continue to lead the new generation as he claims? Will BxB Hulk end his reign just as it’s getting started? Find out at The Gate of Destiny.

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