Preview: Dragon Gate – Dangerous Gate 2021 (09/20/21)

Dangerous Gate 2021: YAMATO vs Kota Minoura Graphic

Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling holds their annual Dangerous Gate 2021 event. A card with lots of action and exciting matches. The Triangle Gate Championship match from this event will air free on the Dragon Gate YouTube channel. Here is the card:

Dangerous Gate 2021 Full Card (9/20/21)

  • Open The Triangle Gate Championship: Dragon Dia, La Estrella, and Jason Lee(c) vs H•Y•O, Kaito Ishida, and Eita
  • Takashi Yoshida vs Yosuke♡Santa Maria, Konomama Ichikawa, and Shachihoko Boy
  • Punch Tominaga and Kenichiro Arai vs Gamma and Problem Dragon
  • Iihashi Brothers Debut Match: Don Fuji and Yasushi Kanda vs Riki Iihashi and Ishin Iihashi
  • Ultimo Dragon, Masaaki Mochizuki, and Naruki Doi vs Genki Horiguchi, U-T, and Funky Jacky Kamei
  • Dragon Kid, Keisuke Okuda, Ben-K, and Kagetora vs KAI,  SBKENTo, BxB Hulk, and Dia Inferno
  • Shun Skywalker vs Diamanté
  • Open the Twin Gate Championship Match: King Shimizu and Susumu Yokosuka(c) vs Strong Machine K and Strong Machine J
  • Open the Dream Gate Championship Match: YAMATO(c) vs Kota Minoura

Open The Triangle Gate Championship Match: Dragon Dia, La Estrella, and Jason Lee (c) vs H•Y•O, Kaito Ishida, and Eita

Masquerade has been an exciting trio to watch as Open The Triangle Gate Champions managing to turn back challenger after challenger.  It almost seemed like they were going to get a rest until H•Y•O managed to pick up a win over Dragon Dia. That gave him the right to make his challenge for the Open the Triangle Gate Championship. He chose Kaito Ishida and R.E.D. leader Eita as his partners bringing Masquerade their biggest challenge to date.

R.E.D. started off by stealing the championships and hanging onto them as if they were their own before GM Ryo Saito demanded they return the belts. Even then they have terrorized Masquerade so much during the road to the title match. Masquerade seemingly have their back against the wall. Will they finally crumble under pressure, or will they overcome the odds yet again?

Open The Twin Gate Championship: Susumu Yokosuka and King Shimizu (c) vs Strong Machine K and Strong Machine J

Susumu Yokosuka and King Shimizu captured the Open The Twin Gate Championships at night one of Kobe World Pro Wrestling Festival. They defended them successfully the very next day, but since Kobe they have been holding down the Natural Vibes fort. With their leader KZY out they’ve simply been trying to pick up the slack, and they ran unchallenged until the recent Korakuen Hall show.

Strong Machine J recently returned from injury promised a new machine would debut, and it happened. On that Korakuen, Strong Machine K made his presence known by pinning King Shimizu in a tag match. Afterward, Strong Machine J threw out the challenge, and the match was made. Something is oddly familiar about Strong Machine K, and Susumu Yokosuka thinks so as well. Will that suspicion get the best of him, or will he and Shimizu manage to retain their gold?

Open The Dream Gate Championship: YAMATO (c) vs Kota Minoura

YAMATO became Open The Dream Gate Champion at Speedstar Final, and that sparked some controversy. One of the reasons being not only did he lose King of Gate, but he also didn’t even make it to the finals. He was beaten by Kota Minoura in the semi-finals. Yet somehow found himself in the title match, while Minoura sat on the outside. Minoura however built his momentum with big wins over Masaaki Mochizuki and Eita to shoot his stock up. He began begging GM Ryo Saito for a shot at the Open The Dream Gate Championship, which Saito declined multiple times.

This was with good reason as he had a triple threat between KAI, Mochizuki, and Ben-K to decide the next challenger. However, after Kota pinned YAMATO again in a tag match. YAMATO vouched for Kota to be added to that match. Which Saito agreed to, and thus Kota was added. Kota would go on to win the match and earn his shot. His momentum is at an all-time high. Can Kota build on that and become Dream Gate Champion? Or will the almighty retain his newly won Championship?

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