#AndNEW: Ruaka Wins Future of Stardom Championship

Ruaka vs Unagi Syaka Future of Stardom Championship Match

In the opening match of Stardom 10th Anniversary Grand Final Osaka Dream Cinderella at the famous Osaka-Jo Hall we saw the future of Stardom take centre stage as Ruaka challenged Unagi Sayaka for the Future of Stardom Championship.  It was Oedo Tai’s Ruaka who came away with the win to claim the first championship of her 5-year career.  Ruaka already had a challenger come forward as Lady C came out after the match and requested a title shot.

Unagi Sayaka’s run as Future of Stardom Champion comes to an end at its fourth hurdle.  She only held the belt for 84 days after winning it from her stablemate Mina Shirakawa but has not been shy about taking on all comers when it came to title defenses which is how she managed to squeeze in four defenses in less than 90 days.

This was the only noteworthy result of the show as no other championship changed hands.  Stardom did announce their return to the Edion Osaka Arena on December 18 but Stardom’s trip to Osaka-Jo Hall was otherwise a very unnewsworthy affair. That won’t matter to Oedo Tai who now have their hands on some gold as Ruaka can anchor the Future of Stardom division for the time being, although we expect Hanan to be in the hunt for the title soon to bring the belt back to STARS.

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