Preview: AEW Rampage (10/1/21) – Bryan Danielson Rampage Debut

Bryan Danielson Rampage Debut vs Nick Jackson Graphic / AEW Rampage Results

Last week’s AEW Rampage proved to be a historical one as it was the first two-hour show in the program’s brief history. What a night it was in Arthur Ashe Stadium as the AEW superstars gave it their all on their biggest show ever We saw brutality at its finest in an unsanctioned contest between two teams who were out for blood from the moment the bell rang. The “Straightedge Superstar” continued his winning ways in his second match ever in All Elite Wrestling. And, the SuperKliq outlasted a formidable trio on their way to a very impressive victory. The dust has settled from Grand Slam week but it’s still business as usual on this edition of Rampage.

On this week’s AEW Rampage, we shall witness a three-way dance between three of the most dominant forces in the AEW women’s division, a Hair versus Hair match where somebody will surely get embarrassed in front of the whole world. Last but not least “The American Dragon” will unleash as he goes up against one-half of the most dominant tag-team AEW and wrestling has ever seen in Nick Jackson. We don’t want to keep you waiting any longer so let chaos reign supreme. Because we all know it’s Friday night and it’s rampage time. Let’s run it down.

Full AEW Rampage Card (10/1/21) – Bryan Danielson Rampage Debut

  • Jade Cargill (w/”Smart” Mark Sterling) vs. Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. Thunder Rosa
  • Hair vs. Hair Match: Orange Cassidy vs. Jack Evan (w/Matt Hardy)
  • Nick Jackson vs. Bryan Danielson

Enter The Dragon

Bryan Danielson had a modern classic with Kenny Omega on the Grand Slam edition of AEW Dynamite last week. The match tore the house down and earned a 5-star match rating for its brilliance. Although the contest was quite amazing, the clock ticked down on both competitors. Time would expire before either competitor came out with the win. A draw was the conclusion to the dream match at Arthur Ashe Stadium. And, the fans were left wanting more sparking the possibility of a rematch between the two. With that being said, the AEW World Champion is having none of it. Omega says there will not be a rematch between the two. Kenny stated he gave Bryan Danielson a fair shot when he accepted his challenge. But, he didn’t get the job done. Danielson, on the other hand, feels that Omega is just afraid to have another go at it.

On the latest edition of Dynamite, Bryan would march down to the ring and interrupt The Elite before calling the World Champion some very unsavory things. “The American Dragon” also issued an open challenge to anyone from the infamous group to step up to the plate and go one on one with him. This leads to this Friday night on Rampage, one-half of The Young Bucks has accepted the challenge, and it’s none other than Nick Jackson. Danielson is hungry for more of The Elite and he’s accepting all comers to give him the fight he’s been waiting for.

Bryan Danielson made a promise to kick anyone’s head in. That is if they ever had the guts to stand toe to toe with him in the ring. It looks like Nick is stepping into uncharted territories to finally get rid of “The American Dragon” once and for all. Surely, It won’t be a walk in the park. Because knowing Bryan Danielson, he will put his body through hell to conquer a foe. Nick Jackson should be ready because he will not be in there with just any opponent. Will Nick Jackson take one for the team and slay the dragon? Or will Bryan Danielson rattle the cage of The Elite once more on his way to another possible showdown with Kenny Omega?

Hair vs. Hair

Matt Hardy and the H.F.O. have been set on making Orange Cassidy’s life a living nightmare for months now. Hardy has definitely gone off the deep end as far as thinking of ways to torture and antagonize the master of “Sloth Style”. Only this time, Matt might be going too far. If it means sacrificing the golden locks of Jack Evans to possibly see Orange’s hair clipped off then so be it. Many assumed Hardy would settle this feud with his own bare hands but it looks like the patriarch of the Hardy Family Office is willing to offer up a sacrificial lamb to achieve his grande revenge against “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy.

On this edition of AEW’s Friday night show, it’s hair versus hair. The man who does not come out victorious will be humiliated as either Cassidy or Evans will have their head shaved in front of thousands of people and the millions watching at home. Matt Hardy’s vendetta knows no bounds at this point and he’s pulling out all the stops to make sure Orange Cassidy could never show his face again in AEW. Maybe it backfires and it’s going to be Jack Evans who comes out on the losing end of this contest and loses his long hair.

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