Preview: Northeast Championship Wrestling – NCW Face/Off (9/17/21)

NCW Face/Off

Following their return to live events in front of crowds with the 2021 Big City Rumble, Northeast Championship Wrestling does it in Dedham again with the show NCW Face/Off, featuring an absolutely stacked card. Here’s what to know heading into the event this Friday.

NCW Face/Off Full Card

Blade Bandit vs Dylan Nix (w/Dallas McCarthy)

If Blade Bandit thinks that this match will be fair, he has another thing coming. If Bandit expects this match to include interference, and he plans for it, he might just be able to pick up a win at NCW Face/Off.

Little Mean Kathleen vs Delilah Hayden

After winning a gauntlet match at the last show, Little Mean Kathleen was put right into a title match against Becca, who won in suspicious fashion. Delilah Hayden was not involved in the gauntlet match, so one would expect that she is going into this match hoping to secure a win over LMK. In theory, this would put Hayden into the title picture. LMK is likely just looking to get that win and move back into the title picture as well, so this one should be intense.

NCW Ox Baker Memorial Cup Match

NCW Ox Baker Memorial Cup Match: Perry Von Vicous vs Dick Lane vs Tim Lennox vs Ricky Medeiros vs Dr Heresy vs Tim Kilgore vs Foxy vs Lust vs Diamond

This match features a number of wrestlers. However, based on the landscape, it seems like Perry Von Vicious has the advantage and will come away with the victory here.

Shay Cash Davey Cash

The Heavy Hitter Shay Cash vs Davey Cash

During the Big City Rumble, Cold Cash exploded. Now, they are to face each other and work out their differences. This match is going to get ugly in a hurry.

Mike Montero Alexander Lee

NCW New England Championship: Mike Montero (c) vs Alexander Lee

Alexander Lee earned this title shot at the Big City Rumble show. Mike Montero was in the same multi-person match. This time around, Montero’s luck might be different as this contest is one on one. Lee should be looking over his shoulder, but hopefully will have a plan in mind should Montero attempt to bring in outside interference.

Brett Ryan Gosselin Riot Kellan Thomas

Number One Contenders Match: Brett Ryan Gosselin vs Riot Kellan Thomas

The difference between Brett Ryan Gosselin and Riot Kellan Thomas from the Big City Rumble is that Thomas won a singles match before the Rumble match itself. BRG was also eliminated from said match, not once but twice. This puts Thomas at 1-1 on the last show with BRG being a two-time loser. Seeing BRG destroyed by The Lumberjake (again) should he win this match would be fun, but perhaps Riot Kellan Thomas is more deserving of that title opportunity.

NCW Face/Off Isana Jessie Nolan

“The Suplex Sweetheart” Isana vs “Spitfire” Jessie Nolan

This was the matchup in the gauntlet at the last show which started it all. This match could take place in every city in the United States, Canada, and Mexico for five years and it still wouldn’t feel played out. Both Isana and Jessie Nolan are the best at what they do. If this match doesn’t determine a new number one contender to the NCW Women’s Championship – the champion, Becca, will be at Chaotic Wrestling‘s History Maker the same night), then perhaps Isana and Jessie Nolan should just form a tag team and wreck everything until they are put into a triple threat bout with Becca.

NCW Face/Off The Lumberjake Channing Thomas

NCW Heavyweight Championship: The Lumberjake (c) vs Channing Thomas

The Lumberjake became the NCW Heavyweight Champion at the Big City Rumble. Channing Thomas was unable to compete because he was taken out by BRG, who took his spot to return to the Rumble; even still, BRG couldn’t win it. On one hand, Thomas may win the title here and then BRG could win his match and they could fight some time in the future. This would mean counting out The Lumberjake, who doesn’t seem ready to let go of his title quite yet. This will be a war, but it will be a war worth watching!

Face/Off takes place on Friday, September 17, 2021 live from Dedham, MA! More information and tickets can be found at

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