DAMNATION Disbanding: What does it mean?

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On the 26th of September, DAMNATION will wrestle their final match together as a unit.

This stems from the Dramatic Survivor tournament. It ends the five years the unit had remained together and raises many different questions about not just the future of some of the members, but some title implications as well.

The most pressing of the matters came as soon as the final match date was set. The KO-D Six man Tag champions in Yuji Hino, Tetsuya Endo, and Soma Takao would be forced to vacate their titles as they held it under the DAMNATION name. There’s currently been no indication about what will come next regarding the belt.

But given they were dominant? It raises interest. Daisuke Sasaki would be allowed to hold onto his Universal title as it was a singles title.

There’s more to this, DAMNATION was the only unit in DDT that was actively antagonistic. Be it the constant interference from other members, or the blatant cheating in the ring. This does leave a bit of a void where they once stood. A void that may be filled by another team in time, or maybe on the exact date of their final match.

This also leads us to the future of each individual member of the unit.

If a new unit would to take their place it would be self-defeating to just have the same members with just a new face. This brings up the guessing game of who could be in this new stable. And, how much of it will feel like DAMNATION. And if that is a good thing in the end because DDT is known for surprises.

Overall if this feels like a sudden shock, it’s because it is.

Less than a year ago DAMNATION seemed unstoppable. Tetsuya Endo and Daisuke Sasaki both in leadership positions were in the main event of Ultimate Party 2020. One of DDT’s biggest shows of the year, fighting each other for the KO-D open weight championship. And not too long before that? DAMNATION was holding their own self-produced shows. Often times due to winning the Unit Dramatic Election.  It’s safe to say that with DAMNATION gone there will be some big shoes to fill, not even for a unit made to fit their position, but for any unit that will follow them in DDT.

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