Match Point: Keisuke Okuda vs. SBKENTo for the Open The Brave Gate Championship, Storm Gate 2021 (9/11/21)

Keisuke Okuda vs SB KENTo
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Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling holds an event in Edion Arena in Osaka. It’s there they will have an Open The Brave Gate Championship match with SBKENTo taking on Keisuke Okuda. Find out in detail about the match ahead of the clash.

SBKENTo vs. Keisuke Okuda

For 270 days, Keisuke Okuda was the Open The Brave Gate Champion. Getting five defenses during his run before the reign was halted by Genki Horiguchi at Kobe World Pro Wrestling Festival 2021. Then the next day at Speedstar Final, Horiguchi lost the belt to Kagetora. After that match, Kagetora was challenged by SBKENTo. Then the match was made for one week later, and SBKENTo captured the belt in his hometown of Nagoya. Afterward, Okuda, the former champion, made his claim for a rematch. General manager Ryo Saito made it official for the next day.

The match took place, but it was thrown out with interferences from both R.E.D. and HIGH END. Based on Dragon Gate rules, when a match is thrown out the championship is declared vacant. Marking the title changing four times in less than ten days. However, Saito opted to let SBKENTo and Keisuke Okuda fight for the belt. He’d make the match one month later to let the two calm down since then they’ve gone at it. That raises a question. Will SBKENTo continue his dominance and become Open The Brave Gate Champion again? Or will Keisuke Okuda recapture the belt he held for 270 days?

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