Wrestling With Edwards Episode 63: Record-Breaking AEW Dynamite Bay Bay

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Wrestling With Edwards is back to discuss the happenings in WWE as well as an episode of AEW Dynamite that can only be considered historic. The main topics of discussion include why bringing back “The Demon” now could be a good thing for Finn Balor, how The Elite vs. Bryan Danielson is great and questionable at the same time, and the pacing of shows moving forward. Here’s the rundown:

— “The Demon” is returning

Bobby Lashley vs. Randy Orton is the right move

— NXT delivers in their final black and gold episode

— The good part of about the MJF promo from AEW Dynamite

The Elite vs. Bryan Danielson and why it goes both ways of good and bad

Jon Moxley vs. Minoru Suzuki

— Pacing of AEW shows moving forward

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I am just trying to find myself a spot in the wrestling community by establishing myself not only as a writer but as a podcaster as well. Do I think it’ll be perfect? Absolutely not! But am I going to go down trying? You sure know it. What I am looking to do with this podcast is to grow together as a host, fans, friends, guests, whatever! Pro wrestling is supposed to be fun, so I am going to do my best in hopes of delivering exactly that, a little bit of fun for your ears week in and week out. WWE, AEW, Stardom, and so much more. Bumps, bruises, and a whole lot of wrasslin. Enjoy!

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