AEW Games 2.Show Episode 5: News Coming Out of the Show

AEW Games 2.Show Episode 5
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Earlier today, via the AEW Games YouTube channel, All Elite Wrestling aired AEW Games 2.Show Episode 5. This has been an ongoing series to keep fans in the loop on the promotion’s various gaming endeavors, including patches, updates, and news for the future. On this episode, “The Bunny” Allie, Evil Uno, Jungle Boy, and Aubrey Edwards shared a number of news bulletins. Here are the pertinent notes to know.

AEW Games 2.Show Episode 5 Notes

AEW Elite General Manager

The major news regarding AEW’s mobile online wrestling management simulator was in regard to a future content update and season pass. In terms of the content update in question, multiple additions will be made. They are as follows:

  • News & Event System
  • Wrestler Skin System
  • New Storyline Missions
  • New Challenges
  • New Avatars
  • New Finishers
  • Game Compendium
  • Segment Animations

There are also 13 new wrestlers being planned for AEW Elite General Manager, able to be used in-game. They are the following:

  • Andrade El Idolo
  • Malakai Black
  • Brian Pillman Jr.
  • Thunder Rosa
  • Shawn Dean
  • Anthony Ogogo
  • Ryan Nemeth
  • Cezar Bononi
  • JD Drake
  • Wheeler Yuta
  • Julia Hart
  • Negative One
  • CM Punk

Ranked multiplayer will also be added to AEW Elite General Manager. Prior to this, multiplayer games could be held on a casual level. With this update, players can compete against one another and see how they rank compared to one another.

There is also a championship belt system set for the mobile game. Initially, each champion will be who they are in real life, such as Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. holding the AEW Women’s World Championship. With this belt system, players can make title matches.

AEW Elite General Manager‘s new wrestler skin system is self-explanatory. Essentially, all wrestlers will have different skins, including entrance gear.

The Season of Punk, coming in September, will be the mobile game’s first-ever season pass. Based on CM Punk, this season pass will come with themed content. It includes a CM Punk avatar, as well as a new skin, finisher, and gimmick, in addition to 5 new accessories and 4 emotes; suffice to say, this content is themed around “The Best in the World” himself.

AEW Games on Twitch

Unveiled by Evil Uno, AEW wrestlers will take part in a shared Twitch channel. Given that many of the wrestlers in the company are avid gamers, this move seemed like a no-brainer. Starting at the end of this month, there will be Twitch streams featuring the wrestlers in question. A show will be debuting before AEW Dynamite, on Twitch, that will possess interactive elements as well. Talent tournaments have also been confirmed. Viewers can tune in at

AEW Console Game

Evil Uno invited Jungle Boy to the panel before a new video was played. Said video showcased Jungle Boy’s in-game model, focusing on details like his distinct ring gear and wrestling techniques. The in-game match saw him compete against Darby Allin, who is among the few confirmed wrestlers in the game thus far.

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