Heels on Starz Episode Four Review: Cutting Promos

Heels on Starz Episode Four

Off the heels of Episode Three, Heels on Starz Episode Four begins with Bill Hancock discussing with a board of directors about a new championship belt, presumably for the “higher league” company he has been attached to since the beginning of the show. Hancock verbally destroys the belt’s design.

Heels on Starz Episode Four Review and Recap

The second scene ramps up the intensity immediately and shows a fire in the Spade home. Jack saves his son, Thomas, from the fire before the scene cuts back away to Bill Hancock. 

Hancock verbally trashes the corporate hoorah that a certain wrestling promotion has become and says he feels insulted when they don’t take his advice and ideas. 

Bobby Pin and Crystal’s relationship grows; Hancock continues to sink

The show then transitions to Crystal giving haircuts to the local DWL wrestlers. After she gives one to Bobby Pin, he invites her to his trailer afterward to run a few ideas by her. 

Pin asks Crystal for advice on his character going forward in the DWL, but Crystal insists that her input isn’t valued in the DWL and that Pin should seek out alternatives for advice. 

Jack Spade and Willie Day are shown visiting with their sponsors. They are asking for more money from Eddie Earl’s pawnshop that will afford them the opportunity to start a streaming service, but the Earl family declines the opportunity. Spade and Day are visibly devastated by this, with Spade blowing the family off afterward.

Ace is shown at the local bar, and he is greeted by Bill Hancock. Hancock tries to bring out the “bad” side in Ace and starts a fight with a pool player. 

Crystal ends up going out for a walk with Bobby Pin. She ends up caving in and giving some advice to him and they slowly begin to develop a friendship and liking to one another. 

DWL: Drama Wrestling League

A scene is shown where Ace and Jack are watching old DWL videos in their mom’s basement, where Jack resides now due to the fire damage in his home. Ace tries to pitch some creative ideas to Jack, but as usual, Jack shoots them down. Jack eventually gives in and hands Ace the notepad. 

After he posted a lewd video on the Internet, Bill Hancock was fired from the “higher league” wrestling promotion. 

The DWL roster films an action-packed commercial outside of a gas station, which was one of Ace’s new creative ideas. Ace enjoys himself and has a re-invigorating attitude and tries to apologize to Crystal after they’re done shooting, but she isn’t very receptive to his wishes. 

Later that night, a drunken Bill Hancock is out on Willie Day’s lawn. Hancock is offended that he wasn’t invited to help shoot the commercial and rattles off a bunch of insults at Day before she beats him up in the yard. The next morning, Day’s husband kicks Hancock out of the house. 

Ace’s heart is broken and Hancock hits rock bottom

Ace pulls up to Crystal’s house, only to find her jumping on the trampoline with Bobby Pin. Ace, being the jealous alcoholic he is, keys Pin’s truck and drives off. 

After, Ace goes home and hooks up with another girl. When he tries to talk to her about his downward spiraling depression, she shrugs him off and suggests that they go another round.

The final scene shows Jack going to the local Duffy hotel to check on Bill Hancock. Despite their rocky relationship, Jack actively seeks out his room number but stumbles upon him in a drunken state in his room. The show closes with Jack deciding to not even bother Bill, and with Bill on the roof of the hotel continuing to be intoxicated. 

Heels on Starz Episode Four Review

After a very emotional Episode Three, this episode of Heels on Starz showcases the number of problems within the town of Duffy. Between Hancock’s downward spiral, Ace’s issues with Crystal and Jack still being… Well, Jack, this episode only existed to further some of the character narratives we’ve seen so far.

I’m most invested in the Ace/Crystal side of things. While I want to see Ace get his comeuppance and win the big one, I also want him to quit treating Crystal like dirt and then pretending like it never happened.

We’re now halfway through Season One of Heels and things are progressing nicely in the show. I’m enjoying every last minute of it and these last four episodes should be eventful and exciting.

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