AJPW 2021 SUPER DELUXE SERIES Title Matches Announced


All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) recently ended the Royal Road Tournament, a tournament that was won by Suwama. With this victory, he received a title shot at the next major show on the promotion’s calendar: the AJPW 2021 SUPER DELUXE SERIES. The marquee events for this tour are on September 7 and 21, with 3 other house shows included. The title matches announced for the show are the following.

2021 SUPER DELUXE SERIES Title Matches


Yoshitatsu‘s kingdom had their official first run as champions, when the team won the AJPW TV Six-Man Tag Team Championship. In their next defense, they face off against Black Menso-re and two wrestlers who haven’t been part of AJPW in quite some time: ALL Mighty Inoue and Lowther. This tag team competed in the 2015 Real World Tag League. Inoue hasn’t been a part of AJPW since 2020, while Lowther has not been in the company since 2019. This match is happening on September 10.


Atsuki Aoyagi was heavily showcased in the Royal Road Tournament. Most notably, he competed in the semifinals against Shotaro Ashino. The reigning AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Champion, SUGI, lost in the first round to Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion, Jake Lee. In the past few months, AJPW’s World Junior Heavyweight Championship scene has been chaotic. During this time, multiple title changes occurred. Aoyagi is most notably known as part of NEXTREAM and hailed by many as the future of the junior heavyweight division. We could see Aoyagi as the next World Junior Heavyweight Champion, especially considering how Koji Iwamot0, AJPW’s Junior Ace, has pursued other opportunities. SUGI vs. Atsuki Aoyagi will take place on September 7.


One of the breakout groups that came to AJPW earlier this year was STRONGHEARTS. The group’s major tag team of El Lindaman and T-Hawk was originally scheduled to face off for the All Asia Tag Team Championships at July 22’s SUMMER ACTION SERIES show. However, the match was changed due to an unfortunate injury sustained by T-Hawk. The match was later changed to All Asia Tag Team Champions Zeus and Izanagi vs. El Lindaman and Issei Onitsuka. Fast forward to finals night, where El Lindaman and T-Hawk would challenge Zeus & Izanagi. The match will happen on September 7.


In the finals of the Royal Road Tournament, Suwama faced Shotaro Ashino. When Suwama defeated Ashino, he offered to partner with Ashino. Ashino would accept the offer and challenged the AJPW World Tag Team Champions, Kento Miyahara and Yuma Aoyagi. This is a brand new team consisting of two incredible tag workers. Suwama has his history in the Violent Giants. Meanwhile, Ashino worked with Kuma Arashi and Yusuke Kodama in Wrestle-1. A match between these two teams makes sense as well. Both Suwama and Ashino have defeated this tag team in singles matches in the Royal Road Tournament. This could lead them to success on September 7. Another point to note is that this is also Suwama’s second title match in this tour.


The GAORA TV Championship is one of the weirdest championships in AJPW, with Shuji Ishikawa often challenging deathmatch wrestlers for this title. However, this next match is not the case. One of the veterans of All Japan stepped up to the challenge: Takao Omori. For those not familiar, he is known by many as a tag team wrestler. Omori is a former 7x AJPW World Tag Team Champion, as well as a former Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion. This match is scheduled for September 12.


At Royal Road 2021‘s finals, Suwama defeated Shotaro Ashino in the finals. This afforded Suwama an opportunity at Jake Lee’s Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship. The history between these two men dates back to April of 2021, when Lee won the Champion Carnival. Lee was scheduled and rescheduled to face off against Suwama twice, but the match would never happen; the second time the bout was canceled was due to COVID-19, resulting in Suwama vacating the championship. Lee would win this championship in a triple threat gauntlet match. Jake Lee will defend the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship against Suwama at AJPW 2021 SUPER DELUXE SERIES on September 22nd.

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