Suwama Wins Royal Road 2021 Tournament

Suwama Wins Royal Road 2021
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After a long month for the All Japan Pro Wrestling product, the Royal Road Tournament has come to an end with an official winner. The tournament came down to a final four of Suwama, Kento Miyahara, Jake Lee, and Shotaro Ashino. It was Suwama who came away with the win to claim the trophy.

Suwama Wins Royal Road 2021

Suwama’s entire story going in this tournament was getting back the championship that he didn’t rightfully lose. He had to vacate his Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship because of COVID-19. Suwama would go in this tournament with a brand new attitude defeating the likes of Rei Saito, Abdullah Kobayashi, and Shigehiro Irie to get into the semi-finals of the tournament. It was here that he would defeat rival Kento Miyahara to get into the finals.

In the finals of the tournament, Suwama battled against rival turned friend, Shotaro Ashino. Suwama and Shotaro Ashino would put on another great match together but the result saw Suwama defeating Shotaro Ashino to win the Royal Road Tournament

This isn’t the first time Suwama has won this tournament, as he won the 2016 and 2017 variations of the tournament.  Suwama has now gained an opportunity to challenge for the championship that he didn’t rightfully lose when he battles Jake Lee on the upcoming SUPER DELUXE SERIES tour on either September 7 or September 21.

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