Judais and Father James Mitchell Appear at NWA 73 for 12-Man Battle Royale

Judais Father James Mitchell
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At NWA 73, multiple men fought in a Battle Royale to receive a future match for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. Twelve competitors, including Sal Rinauro, Mims, Marshe Rockett, and JTG, made their way to the ring in a combined entrance. What they, as well as fans in attendance and watching at home, didn’t expect was a thirteenth competitor. Making their way to the ring was the tandem of Judais and Father James Mitchell, the latter of whom accompanied the former to the ring for the match.

Accompanied by Father James Mitchell, a veteran professional wrestling manager, Judais stepped into the ring to join the sea of competitors. Judais made a huge presence in the match, even performing a Razor’s Edge on Rinauro to send him out of the ring. Eventually, Judais was one of the final 3 men alongside JTG and Luke Hawx. Judais proceeded to eliminate Hawx, which left him alone in the ring with JTG.

Following a missed kick, Judais was left straddling the top rope. JTG attempted to eliminate him with several shoulder blocks, only to be caught with a chokeslam by his opponent. The match approached its conclusion when Judais attempted another Razor’s Edge, which JTG avoided. This left JTG fighting on the apron while Judais attacked from inside the ring. With a springboard punch, the surprise entrant finally eliminated JTG. Father James Mitchell entered the ring to celebrate with Judais, who earned an NWA National Heavyweight title match against Chris Adonis, who successfully defended the championship against James Storm earlier in the show.

What to Know About Judais and Father James Mitchell

Longtime wrestling fans will likely be familiar with Father James Mitchell. Also known as The Sinister Minister, he served as a professional wrestling manager for various organizations. These include World Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling, and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. He became known for such attributes as his devilish appearance and the villainous way in which he cut promos. Some of the notable wrestlers he managed were Mike Awesome, Shane Douglas, The Iron Sheik, Abyss, and Su Yung.

Also known as Mikael Judas, Judais has been wrestling since the early 2000s. He became a prominent competitor for NWA Wildside, though he would make his way to other promotions in the years that followed. Among these were TNA Wrestling, where he made multiple appearances up until 2011. He was also the tag team partner of Gunner, currently known to WWE fans today as Jaxson Ryker. Judais continues to wrestle across the independent scene today. He is a prominent competitor for Southern Fried Championship Wrestling, based in Georgia, where he is the SFCW Heavyweight Champion in his third reign.

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