Preview: NXT UK (6/17/21) – Devlin Speaks, A Class War And A Thunderstorm

NXT UK card Conners Jinny vs Subculture
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Wolfgang will look to avoid a thunderstorm, there’s a mixed-tag class war and a guaranteed eruption on Supernova Session on this week’s NXT UK. Here, we give you the NXT UK card preview. NXT UK will air on the WWE Network and Peacock at 8 pm GMT/3 pm EST on May 20. Fans in the UK can also watch the show a day later on BT Sport at 10 pm. 

Full NXT UK Card (6/17/21)

  • Supernova Sessions: Jordan Devlin guests on Noam Dar’s chat show
  • Wolfgang vs. Sam Gradwell
  • Mixed Tag Team Match: Jinny and Joseph Conners vs. Suberculture’s Dani Luna and Flash Morgan Webster

Is There A Thunderstorm Ahead For Wolfgang?

Last week, Wolfgang and his tag team partner Mark Coffey were arguing over who is the best. Throwing, drinking, and fighting were all debated by the Gallus boys as they irritated Sid Scala in his office.

Sam Gradwell entered the office and apologized for interrupting their “pointless natter about nothing in particular”. Scala agreed that Coffey and Wolfgang could prove who was the better fighter in a series of singles matches. Wolfgang ‘bagsied’ Gradwell and now the two will tangle this week. Gradwell likes to call himself “The Thunderstorm” because he ruins people’s day. 

We can expect a heavy-hitting affair from these two big lads that could go either way. Gradwell has had a great year and probably has more momentum going into the contest than Wolfgang. That being said, it would probably make Coffey’s unannounced singles match more interesting if Wolfgang wins this one. 

Devlin Gets His Spot On Supernova Sessions

Jordan Devlin has promised to get a lot off his chest during his appearance on Noam Dar’s Supernova Sessions. In a WWE Network exclusive following his victory over Saxton Huxley last week, he listed all the people he’s defeated in NXT UK. There’s one name missing. WALTER. Devlin may use this as an opportunity to challenge Walter to his United Kingdom Championship. Devlin has a long-standing rivalry with WALTER forged in OTT when they competed for the World Title. 

Dar and Devlin are bound to come to blows, though, so this could set up a future match between the two. 

NXT UK’s Class War 

Jinny and Joseph Conners have provided plenty of entertainment to NXT UK with their upper-class, snobby shtick. Most recently, they’ve taken offense to the ‘lower class’ stable of Subculture. Dani Luna and Flash Morgan Webster will team up in a bid to get one over the duo they feel have been looking down their noses at them.

Webster came out on the losing end when he met Conners recently, albeit thanks to an assist from Jinny. So, he’ll want to right that wrong. 

It should be a decent match with a real mix of styles on display. 

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