Female Tiger Mask “Tiger Queen” to Debut on July 29, 2021

Tiger Mask

With Tiger Mask celebrating the 40th anniversary of his debut under the mask this year, he has decided to pass on his legacy to another new Tiger Mask.  The new bearer of the mask will be a women’s wrestler who will take on the moniker of Tiger Queen, Tiger Queen will make her debut on July 29 at Korakuen Hall during an event dedicated to celebrating Satoru Sayama’s 40th year wearing the mask.

What’s most interesting about Tiger Queen is the fact that she is not only being trained by Tiger Mask but she is also being trained by Jaguar Yokota of World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana.  Jaguar Yokota is the woman credited with training legends like Manami Toyota, Aja Kong, Kyoko InoueMegumi Kudo, and Toshiyo Yamada to name just a few.

With help from two innovators like Tiger Mask and Jaguar Yokota, there is a lot of excitement around Tiger Queen as it’s almost guaranteed that she will be excellent right from her debut.  The identity of the woman under the mask remains unknown, as do personal details like her age and her height etc. but that’s just how Tiger Mask and co. want it as the debut is currently shrouded in some intriguing mystery.

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