Preview SEAdLINNNG – Shinkiba Night 1 (6/16/21)

Shinkiba Night 1 Main Event Graphic

SEAdLINNNG’s Shinkiba Night doubleheader kicks off on June 16 at Shinkiba 1stRING with a three-match card, featuring a huge captain’s fall unit elimination match and the in-ring return of AEW’s Ryo Mizunami.  Let’s take a look at the card for Shinkiba night 1.

Preview – Shinkiba Night 1 Card

Ryo Mizunami vs Riko Kaiju

Aniki vs Kaiju Match Graphic

At the last Shinkiba Night show, Ryo Mizunami made her shocking return to her home promotion and laid out a challenge for the Beyond the Sea championship currently held by ASUKA but before she goes straight to the top she has to fight the big rookie Riko Kaiju. Kaiju has recently been going toe to toe with the legend Yumiko Hotta and despite coming out of the losing end each time, she proved herself to be a lot tougher than she looks. Mizunami shouldn’t take the rookie lightly though, if she is serious about capturing the top prize she needs to be on the top of her game. 

Kaho Kobayashi & Yuu vs Rina Yamashita & Itsuki Aoki

Match Graphic

Four of the most exciting women on the freelance scene will be going against each other in a tag team match. Kaho, Yuu, and Itsuki have teamed together in some form on past SEAd shows and the three of them always have really exciting matches, especially when the match is under the high speed rules. Adding someone like Rina Yamashita in the mix makes the potential hoss fight between Rina and Yuu even more interesting. This is going to be a great example of why SEAdLINNNG put emphasis on their tag team matches. 

Delayed Entry Captains Fall Match: Las Fresa de Egoistas ASUKA, Makoto, Ayame Sasamura, Riko Kaiju and Hanako Nakamori vs Citrus Wind Arisa Nakajima, Nanae Takahashi, Yumiko Hotta, Riko Kawahata and Honori Hana 

Shinkiba Night 1 Main Event Graphic

This match will start off as a one on one, then every 90 seconds a new person will enter and the only way to end the match is by pinning the captain of the team so if someone else is pinned for the three count then they are eliminated from the match. Although the captains have yet to be assigned, it is expected they will be ASUKA and Nanae as they have been at the forefront of the feud. At the last Shinkiba night show, ASUKA and Makoto defeated Arisa and Nanae to capture the Beyond the Sea tag titles which prompted a full-on war. As the teams were being created, Ayame Sasamura from 2AW decided to align herself with Las Egos, fueled by her trying to help Kaiju during her match with Hotta. Since Kawahata wasn’t going to go against Hotta, Las Egos were down by one so they have brought in Hanako Nakamori which definitely adds to how hard-hitting this match is going to be. SEAd has been putting on amazing main event matches and this will be no exception and as always it won’t be one to miss. This could go either way, but with how consistent ASUKA has been, it couldn’t hurt to get another victory over Nanae heading into her title matches later on. 

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