Samoa Joe Returns to NXT

Samoa Joe William Regal

On Tuesday night, Samoa Joe made his return to NXT in the aid of William Regal. It was at NXT TakeOver: In Your House that Regal promised to bring change after stating that NXT had become a brand that was too far out of his control. Joe was the answer to that.

This week’s episode of NXT began with William Regal making an important announcement. NXT TakeOver: In Your House, which took place this past Sunday, ended with a distraught Regal expressing that the brand had gone out of control. In the mind of the NXT General Manager, change needed to come to the black-and-gold brand.

In the middle of the ring, William Regal reminisced regarding NXT. He started with the brand since its inception, traveling the world with the brand and witnessing several TakeOver events. However, he said that, at this stage in his career, there may be nothing more he has left to offer. As Regal seemed to be on the cusp of expressing retirement, Scarlett and NXT Champion Karrion Kross interrupted. With a mic in his hand, Kross regarded the NXT General Manager as pathetic, saying he lost control of the roster. Kross demanded that Regal say he’s leaving, never coming back, and that “Kross conquers all.”

Cue Samoa Joe, who made his surprising return to the brand. Regal expressed that he wanted Joe to become the new NXT General Manager. Joe declined the offer, believing that Regal transformed the brand into the phenomenon that it is today. While Joe declined the offer, he expressed interest in returning to help return authority to the brand. Regal accepted, only under the conditions that Joe would no longer be an in-ring competitor and that he would not lay his hands on a member of the active roster unless provoked. Joe then stood toe-to-toe with Karrion Kross who, alongside Scarlett, left the ring.

Samoa Joe was released by WWE on April 15, ending what was six years with the company. This past Monday saw reports spreading that Joe was indeed on his way back to NXT in a non-wrestler role. In Joe’s time in the company, he was a two-time NXT Champion and two-time United States Champion. As the first man to ever hold the NXT Championship twice, his addition back to the roster should be an effective one to keep order once and for all.

Time will tell if Joe ever gets back into the ring, but if he has the drive to do so, “The Samoan Submission Machine” will certainly back bringing chaos to any and all who cross him. The fact that Joe is back in professional wrestling should be enough to excite the world. Time will tell as to what his role brings to the black and gold brand.

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