NWA Powerrr Card (6/15/21) – National Championship Qualifier

NWA Powerrr 6/15/21
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Last week was a celebration for the NWA World Women’s Champion, Kamille. The coronation, orchestrated by NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis, was soon interrupted by Melina, who refused to back down from the new women’s titleholder. Not long after, Jennacide intervened, ushering Melina to the back before raising Kamille’s arm in what was seemingly a show of respect. What can viewers expect to see on tonight’s edition of NWA Powerrr? Let’s run down the action.

Fred Rosser vs. JTG vs. El Rudo – NWA National Championship Qualifier

In one of the featured matches on this week’s NWA Powerrr, three men vie for an NWA National Championship opportunity. The title was previously held by Chris Adonis, who won the title from an injured Trevor Murdoch this past March. His reign was short-lived, though not by pinfall, submission, or referee’s decision. The following May, Adonis surrendered the title in order to participate in a number one contender battle royal for the Worlds Heavyweight title; this match would be won by Murdoch who, ironically enough, last eliminated Adonis. At this stage, the title was no clear holder and many competitors in the locker room have their eyes set on the gold.

In one of the first qualifying matches, Fred Rosser, JTG, and El Rudo, also known as Sam Adonis in certain promotions, will do battle. Earlier this month, at NWA When Our Shadows Fall, Rosser and JTG faced each other in what many viewers believed to be one of the best matches of the entire show. This was a battle where respect was mutual, and though JTG won, Rosser had no qualms about shaking his opponent’s hand afterward. El Rudo also competed at When Our Shadows Fall, teaming with Sal Rinauro in a four-way tag team match that was won by La Rebelión. Rosser, JTG, and Rudo have gold in their sights and only one can continue their quest.

Melina vs. Jennacide vs. Kenzie Paige

As stated earlier, the coronation of Kamille ended in an unexpected fashion, Melina’s momentary confrontation with Jennacide being one of the most intriguing talking points. Was Jennacide raising the arm of Kamille a show of respect toward the champion or was there more to said interaction than what existed on the surface? Regardless, they will take part in yet another three-way match scheduled for NWA Powerrr. Melina brings with her, into this match, not only experience but a chip on her shoulder. At When Our Shadows Fall, Melina teamed with Thunder Rosa in a match against Taryn Terrell and new NWA signee Kylie Rae. The match concluded when, as Rosa and Terrell fought to the back, Rae rolled up Melina, hooking the tights for the victory. As the powerhouse whose intentions regarding Kamille remain a mystery, Jennacide will be one to keep an eye on as well.

The wildcard of this match, however, is the debuting Kenzie Paige. Trained by Dr. Tom Prichard and Glenn Jacobs, the latter better known to wrestling fans as Kane, Paige began her professional wrestling career in 2018. Her career began in KFW Wrestling and from there, she found her way across the independent scene and prominent organizations alike. Last year, she made multiple appearances for All Elite Wrestling. This past April, she debuted for Game Changer Wrestling at EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch, competing in a tag team gauntlet match. The 20-year-old pink-haired newcomer to the National Wrestling Alliance will be looking to make a statement in her debut.

Other Events Expected on NWA Powerrr:

In the heartbreaking conclusion of NWA When Our Shadows Fall, Trevor Murdoch fell short in defeating Nick Aldis for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Interference from Thom Latimer and the use of a steel chair prevented the everyman in Murdoch from ending Murdoch’s historic title reign. The week after, in an interview with May Valentine, Murdoch sounded defeated, not knowing what else he could do to become champion. This week, Murdoch will be looking to pick himself back up by speaking to Aldis. What will the former challenger say to “The National Treasure” tonight? Don’t be surprised to see a rematch confirmed.

In a special exhibition match, PJ Hawx will do battle with one-half of the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Aron Stevens. Both men were involved at When Our Shadows Fall in different capacities. In the pre-show, Hawx was involved in a three-way match that was won by Colby Corino. On the show proper, alongside Kratos, Stevens successfully defended the NWA World Tag Team Championship in a three-way contest. As an established tag team wrestler, Stevens must shift his focus to singles competition tonight.

Last week, on NWA Powerrr, Kyle Davis and May Valentine were interrupted by a mysterious masked wrestler. Taking to the mic, the wrestler in question kept his words short, sweet, yet ominous. He confirmed that he was the newest signee to the company, respected no one in the locker room, and only National Wrestling Alliance promoter Billy Corgan knew what he was about. Will we hear from this masked stranger again? Tune in tonight, at 6:05 PM, to find out.

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