Preview: Stardom – Tokyo Dream Cinderella 2021 (6/12/21)

Tokyo Dream Cinderella Main Event

After their previous two attempts to run Ota Ward Gymnasium were postponed due to COVID-19 Stardom will finally get to hold an event at Ota Ward for Tokyo Dream Cinderella 2021.  With the Cinderella Tournament finals, a World Of Stardom title match, and the climax to the STARS vs Oedo Tai all-out war on the card this show is set to be a big one.  Let’s take a look at the Tokyo Dream Cinderella card!

Full Tokyo Dream Cinderella Card (6/12/21)

– Pre Show: Lady C vs Rina vs Hina

– Cinderella Tournament Semi-Final: Maika vs Unagi Sayaka

Cinderella Tournament Semi-Final: Himeka vs Saya Kamitani

– Three Way Tag Match, Teams To Be Drawn By A Lottery: Natsupoi, AZM, Giulia, Momo Watanabe, Tam Nakano, Mina Shirakawa

– STARS vs Oedo Tai All Out War: Mayu Iwatani, Starlight Kid, Hanan, Koguma & Rin Kadokura vs Natsuko Tora, Konami, Fukigen Death, Ruaka & Saki Kashima

– Cinderella Tournament Final: Maika or Unagi Sayaka vs Himeka or Saya Kamitani

– World Of Stardom Championship Match: Utami Hayashishita (c) vs Syuri

Cinderella Tournament Semi-Final – Maika vs Unagi Sayaka

Maika vs Unagi Sayaka Match Graphic

In our first Cinderella Tournament semi-final Maika of Donna Del Mondo takes on Unagi Sayaka of the Cosmic Angels.  While Stardom has earmarked Sayaka for success ever since her arrival in the company it seems likely that her tournament run will come to an end against the former Future of Stardom and Goddess of Stardom champion Maika.  We only say that because Maika reaching the finals makes the most sense given the winner of this semi-final will face either Maika’s tag partner Himeka or her rival Saya Kamitani in the final.

Cinderella Tournament Semi-Final – Himeka vs Saya Kamitani

Saya Kamitani vs Himeka Match Graphic

Himeka and Kamitani are no strangers to one another.  The two met in the 5STAR Grand Prix last year in a shocking 20 minute draw, one of the first major upsets of Kamitani’s career.  The two have also done battle over the Goddess of Stardom championship in the past.  This match seems primed to further elevate Kamitani as she can slay the “giant” who she couldn’t beat last year to advance to the final, where she will likely meet her rival Maika.

All Out War – STARS (Mayu Iwatani, Koguma, Starlight Kid & Hanan) & Rin Kadokura vs Oedo Tai (Natsuko Tora, Saki Kashima, Konami, Ruaka & Fukigen Death)

Tokyo Dream Cinderella STARS vs Oedo Tai All Out War Climax

STARS and their ally Kadokura do battle with Oedo Tai once more in what is likely to be the climax of the war between the two groups.  Just like the last major match between the two, this is an elimination match with the final wrestler eliminated being forced to switch factions.  It’s impossible to tell what way this will go as most of these performers’ changing group wouldn’t make much sense or be a net positive.  Unless STARS just gets Fukigen Death back it’s hard to see any move that won’t hurt either group.  Maybe Stardom goes crazy and sends a shockwave through the company with one of the major names getting a new coat of paint, we will have to wait and see!

Cinderella Tournament Final

Unagi Sayaka or Maika vs Saya Kamitani or Himeka

We predict that Maika vs Saya Kamitani will be the eventual final of this tournament.  Kamitani and Maika did battle a number of times in the past over various championships and have developed something of a grudge as time went on as both are members of Stardom’s much-heralded “Golden Generation”.  Two members of said golden generation meeting in the final seems like perfect storytelling and offers the opportunity to elevate one to the top of the card.  It is quite likely that Saya Kamitani will win that match, probably with the phoenix splash.

Kamitani winning the tournament would serve as a marquee win to put her on the level her talents deserve, she also has a Wonder Of Stardom title match with Tam Nakano brewing that she could use her tournament win to make a reality.

World Of Stardom Championship – Utami Hayashishita (c) vs Syuri

Tokyo Dream Cinderella Main Event

In what is guaranteed to be a match of the year contender Utami Hayashishita will make defense number 5 of her world championship against double champion Syuri.  The first singles match between these two went to a 20 minute draw in the 5STAR Grand Prix.  That draw sent Hayashishita through to the final of the tournament that she would go on to win, leading to her winning the world title from Mayu Iwatani.  Every time these two have shared a ring together they have produced excellence and in the lead up to this title match they have somehow taken things to a whole new level of animosity.  Not only is this Hayashishita’s toughest test to date but it could just be the best Stardom match of 2021 based on their previous showings.

Tokyo Dream Cinderella can be viewed live via Pay per view or on delay via Stardom World.

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