How Paul Wight Could Make His In-Ring Debut for AEW

Paul Wight AEW

All Elite Wrestling signing Paul Wight was a big addition, no pun intended, to bolster the star power AEW has to offer. Many fans grew up watching and idolizing the legend. His hulking 7-foot frame, as well as his million-dollar smile, is something to bring in fans of all eras to watch the product. Wight’s reasoning for signing with the company is to breathe new life into his career .It was also done to ensure he goes out the way he intends to once his career is all said and done.

Major news broke out back in February. It was reported that Wight will serve, alongside Tony Schiavone, as a color commentator for AEW’s new Monday night wrestling show; this would become known as AEW Dark: Elevation. It was also stated that if the time and situation are right, he will indeed step back into the ring on a part-time basis. Recently, AEW seemingly has been planting seeds on how the in-ring debut of the giant could come to fruition. This is how Paul Wight could possibly make his in-ring AEW debut.

The Set-Up

In recent episodes of Elevation, Paul Wight has made it explicitly clear that he has a strong distaste for the actions being carried out by QT Marshall and The Factory. They have attacked anyone that dared to stand in their path by any means necessary and without even a justifiable reason. One would think, as a play-by-play announcer, that Wight would be impartial to any and every competitor that steps into that ring no matter their actions. Instead, Wight is very much vocal about how Marshall disgusts him, teaching his recruits his dastardly ways. With that being said, this disgust is not just one-sided.

Marshall, on multiple occasions, has made it a point to poke the bear. He would make obscene gestures directly targeting the commentary booth in of his recent matches on Elevation. On the recent episode of AEW Dynamite, during Anthony Ogogo and Cody Rhodes‘s weigh-in for Double or Nothing 2021, Marshall made it a point to insult Paul Wight in front of a raucous crowd, berating and mocking the giant in the segment. AEW seemingly has been laying down the groundwork for possibly having the former Big Show step back into the ring. This doesn’t seem to be a situation that’s accidental but rather intentional. This could be the setup for Paul Wight to dawn the singlet once again and step over those ropes to teach Marshall and The Factory a lesson in respect, with a little help from longtime friends of course.

The (Possible) Match for Paul Wight

It’s been well-documented that the animosity between Cody Rhodes and QT Marshall has been nothing but personal over the past couple of months. The hatred between these two former friends is palpable, to say the least. What if, at perhaps Fyter Fest or Fight For The FallenCody, Dustin Rhodes, and a star pupil like “Big Shotty” Lee Johnson challenges The Factory to a multi-man match in one of the said events? And to even the odds, they enlist the help of a longtime confidant who has a lot of history with Cody in the form of Paul Wight?

Now that crowds are seemingly back and better than ever, AEW might possibly pull the trigger on this big in-ring debut for the legend sooner rather than later. It is all speculation and fun fantasy booking at this point. But it seems like. AEW is sowing the seeds for a possible showdown between The Nightmare Family and The Factory when the time comes. Only time will tell if indeed these subtle hints and nudges are the plan all along for Paul Wight to make his arrival in an AEW ring. Fans are salivating at the thought that they might possibly hear another thunderous chop and see another devastating chokeslam from the monster.

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