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Daniel Bryan WWE

Daniel Bryan is reportedly a free agent. His contract apparently elapsed midnight of the day he was beaten by Roman Reigns and banished from Friday Night SmackDown. Now fans are going crazy fantasy booking anything and everything Bryan could do outside the umbrella of WWE. Bryan is at the tail-end of his career. But with that being said, Daniel could still go with the best of them and may have just enough left in the tank to produce more classics along the way.

If he is indeed done with World Wrestling Entertainment, then there are dream matches to be had across, not only the U.S. but the globe. Will we see “The American Dragon” rise from the ashes and be reborn? Fans do hope so. A lot of intriguing possibilities are open for the former World Champion. And the following matches could be one of the many exciting matches Daniel could have in possibly his farewell tour in the business of professional wrestling.

IMPACT Wrestling: Sami Callihan

Sami Callihan Re-signs

“The Death Machine” Sami Callihan has been a constant presence for IMPACT Wrestling for a number of years now. He has been steady as a rock for the promotion being its quintessential bad guy that very much excels in his part. Since departing NXT all those years ago, Callihan has been tearing it up like you would not believe. He is a former IMPACT World Champion and one of the faces of the company. His brutal style and bloodlust for violence have been his main selling point in becoming one of the biggest and brightest stars outside of WWE. Sami can talk on the mic and make you feel and believe that he will execute what he promised even if it kills him.

A match with possibly Bryan Danielson would be a barbaric affair. Bryan might be known as one of the greatest technical wrestlers ever to step foot in a wrestling ring. But as evidenced by his matches with the likes of Nigel McGuinness. He could cultivate a bloodbath unlike any other. Sami could simply say that he is not The American Dragon anymore. He’s worn down and torn up. That Daniel is nothing more than a “Yes Man” at this point. It’s a very simple angle that pulls at the heartstrings. The Old Gunslinger versus the New Sheriff in Town. Callihan vs. Danielson would be a war for the ages if it ever does happen.

All Elite Wrestling: Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley AEW

We know what you’re thinking. It’s happened before. Dean Ambrose versus Daniel Bryan. “I’ve seen it countless times” most people would say. But this isn’t that at all. This is Jon Moxley versus Bryan Danielson. They could do anything and say whatever. It’s no secret that WWE has a formula and a style of wrestling that all their superstars abide by. There are certain rules and unspoken norms that will not be disclosed to most people. And that’s exactly the reason why this should happen outside the shackles of the company in Stamford. Bryan Danielson in his hay day was one of the most intense people you could ever see and would lay his body on the line like there’s no tomorrow. Mox isn’t any different.

Knowing what we know and how different both men are now at this stage in their careers. This could be a blockbuster if it ever happens. Simply put it this way. It’s Danielson versus Moxley in the indies but way bigger as they are the huge icons they are now and in the setting of a major wrestling company. If Tony Khan ever has the opportunity to do this, he should jump on the opportunity and give the people what they want.

New Japan Pro Wrestling: Jay White

Jay White

Jay White is an unbelievable performer. He is a great promo as well as an excellent wrestler. White could make you believe every word that escapes his mouth. Jay’s body language and delivery make everybody feel every emotion he feels in his heart. Just watch his “Sacrifice” promo you will get goosebumps as he bangs on the table and airs his grievances out into the world. The man is only 28 years old and he is this damn good. Not to mention he has won almost everything imaginable in NJPW. 

A match with Bryan would be a feather in his cap. It could kill two birds with one stone as well. As fans have been clamoring for Daniel to come to NJPW for who knows how long. Maybe an encounter at the G1 Climax would be an epic first showdown. Or maybe even a battle for Jay White’s recently won NEVER Openweight Championship could be in the cards. Whatever happens, and if it happens, you can do no wrong by putting Daniel Bryan across the ring from Jay White.

Ring of Honor: Jonathan Gresham

Jonathan Gresham Pure Championship

Jon Gresham has put the “Pure Wrestling” division back on the map in Ring of Honor. With such exquisite performances in the latter half of 2020, he is just a wrestling savant. He is now dominating and outwrestling everyone that dares challenge him. This harkens back to a five-foot-ten wrestling machine that dominated ROH in the early part of the 2000s. A battle between these two as well as a grand return to Danielson’s old stomping ground would be a match that everyone would like to see.

Gresham is the undisputed king of Pure wrestling in ROH. But as stated, Daniel Bryan has held that crown once before and was even the last champion of the division before it was ultimately unified and retired in the middle of the decade of the 2000s. Now the Pure division has been reinstated and better than ever. The American Dragon versus The Octopus. As far as pure wrestling goes, not many can think of a better matchup quite like this.

National Wrestling Alliance: Nick Aldis

Nick Aldis

Nick Aldis has been NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion for almost three whole years. 900 plus days as champion and going strong is nothing to sneeze at. Sweet Charlotte has been in the clutches of Nick Aldis almost, if not longer, than AEW has been alive. That’s a crazy thing to think about. The Ten Pounds of Gold has meant everything to Aldis. He has stated that he is upholding the tradition and luster of what the NWA was and what it still could be today. Nick has beaten the likes of Cody Rhodes, Tim Storm, and, James Storm to name a few of the big names he has put down. It’s been a historic run unlike any other. His dedication to maintaining the luster and credibility of the title is second to none. Welcoming all challengers left, right, and, center.

Maybe it’s time to welcome the biggest challenger he could ever hope to imagine in Daniel Bryan. These two could create magic as well as a technical classic if Bryan ever decides to pull the trigger and wrestle for the NWA. Bryan winning the belt would be amazing considering its lineage and history. And if Nick Aldis once again defies all the odds then beating Bryan would be a monumental victory for the British superstar.

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