Federacion Wrestling Press Conference News & Notes – 4/30/2021

Federacion Wrestling
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A new Lucha Libre federation is on its way to Mexico and rumored to be led by Ring Of Honor World Heavyweight Champion RUSH and today more information on the promotion was released. Below are some notes that were taken from today’s press conference for Federacion Wrestling.

The presser first began with the introduction of Damiana Vicenzoa, also known as “La Patrona”. All indicators are that Damiana is a storyline character for the promotion. Rumors swirled days earlier in the week that Sofia Alonso, the daughter of the late Paco Alonso of CMLL, and AAA Lucha Libre head, Dorian Roldan were financially backing the promotion, though those rumors have yet to be confirmed at press time.

The first show will debut on June 19th exclusively on Pay-per-view with what looks to be a six-match card, although it was announced that there were going to be many surprises on the inaugural show for the promotion. The confirmed matches are as follows:

  • Shocko & Barrabas vs. Futuro & Brillante Jr.
  • Rey Horus vs. Flamita vs. A mystery opponent
  • Tay Conti, Ayako Hamada, A surprise partner vs. Red Velvet, Miranda Alize, Zeuxis (this is how the match is displayed on the show poster.  The video indicated it would be Velvet, Conti and a mystery partner vs Alize, Hamada & Zeuzis)
  • Torneo Copa Federacion Wrestling – 20 surprise entrants in a battle royal to win the Federacion Wrestling Cup
  • Penta EL 0M & Rey Fenix vs. Dragon Lee & Bandido
  • RUSH, Andrade, La Bestia Del Ring, surprise partner vs. Matt Taven, PJ Black, 2 surprise partners

As you can see, this is shaping up to be a fun-filled show with a lot happening. The presentation for several talents was that invitations were sent to them such as with Tay Conti of AEW. A vignette followed showing the arrival of La Faccion Ingobernable with part of the Munoz Dynasty in RUSH, Dragon Lee, and La Bestia Del Ring. The three arrived at a bar to drink some bubbly while ROH matches played in the background on three television screens.

An announcement for the “Torneo Cup” was made, it was specified that 20 stars would be announced throughout the month of May for the cup. This was followed by what looks to be a dream team as Dragon Lee and Bandido spoke with one another and talked about their matches in Japan and in the United States. However, they talked about not having a dream match in Mexico. Dragon Lee then proposed a match where he and Bandido would team up to face The Lucha Bros.

A call was made from La Patrona to RUSH relaying him orders (likely about his match on June 19th, and RUSH then mentioned his surprise for his team. A vignette followed with an individual putting on jewelry and receiving a call from La Patrona. The individual was revealed to be Andrade who mentioned his involvement with La Faccion Ingobernable. The video concluded from there. 

Federacion Wrestling will make its debut on Saturday, June 19th, 2021 at 6:00 pm MX. To order the pay per view, information for it is located here. Options for PayPal and cryptocurrency are accepted to purchase the pay per view which will cost $20.00 USD.