Top 5 Joshi Matches of The Month (March 2021)

Recommended Joshi Matches

The Joshi wrestling scene (Japanese Women’s Wrestling) is a deep scene full of insanely talented performers and every month there are dozens of fantastic matches from promotions from Stardom to PURE-J and everywhere in between.  In this article, we aim to give readers a list of recommended Joshi matches that took place in the last month, there will be some honorable mentions and then a top 5 featuring our absolute favorites!

Important Note: Due to some matches not airing as of the time of writing some presumably great Joshi matches can’t be ranked.  Also due to the recent PPV Model adopted by a number of promotions we are unable to see every event.

Recommended Joshi Matches March 2021

Honorable Mention

  • AZM vs Natsupoi
  • Rin Kadokura vs ASUKA
  • Cosmic Angels (Tam Nakano, Mina Shirakawa & Unagi Sayaka) vs Queen’s Quest (AZM, Saya Kamitanit & Momo Watanabe)
  • Mio Momono & Mikoto Shindo vs Chihiro Hashimoto & Manami
  • ASUKA vs Madeline

5. Utami Hayashishita vs Saya Kamitani

Recommended Joshi Matches Saya vs Utami

This was a fantastic showcase of Saya Kamitani that also showcased just how good Hayashishita is at controlling the flow of a match.  Kamitani used her agility to carve out occasional comebacks and to pull out some of the closest 2.9999 near falls we have ever seen on some key reversals.  Hayashishita and Kamitani managed to deliver a dramatic world title match that flowed really well despite a combined 5 years of experience.

Link To Watch: Stardom World

4. Tam Nakano vs Giulia

Giulia Tam Nakano All Star

These women delivered an excellent climax to their months-long feud as they both put their hair on the line in this grueling battle.  With their hair on the line, both women gave their all to this match and unleashed their best shots on their opponent, Giulia’s slaps were so hard Nakano’s face was notably bumpy after the match.  This match was stiff, emotional, and an absolute battle that everyone should go out of their way to see.

Link To Watch: Stardom World

3. ASUKA/VENY vs Rina Yamashita

Recommended Joshi Matches ASUKA vs Rina Yamashita

In roughly 15 minutes these two crafted an excellent match that slowly built to the two throwing bombs and hitting some incredibly stiff shots.  It’s the kind of match that’s hard to pull off without delving into no-selling territory but they pulled it off well and managed to throw in a lot of very memorable spots.  If you’re looking for a well-paced war that isn’t a spot fest from beginning to end then this is the match for you.

2. Yoshiko vs Mayu Iwatani

Mayu Iwatani vs Yoshiko

The simple fact this match actually happened should reserve it a spot in our top 5 but these two women didn’t rest on that and delivered the match we all know they could.  Iwatani and Yoshiko are arguably two of the best workers in the Joshi scene today and they showcased why in this match with its mix of throwing bombs, Yoshiko’s power, and Iwtani’s great selling providing us with an excellent match.  Yoshiko’s power and hard-hitting style also naturally mixes well with Iwatani being a psychopathic Naito-esque bumper which gave us some real “holy sh*t” moments.

Link To Watch: Stardom World

1. Tsukasa Fujimoto vs Maya Yukihi

Ice Ribbon Korakuen Hall

Maya Yukihi and Tsukasa Fujimoto always deliver against one another.  They are arguably the two top wrestlers in Ice Ribbon and they work really well together.  The thing that stands out the most about Fujimoto’s big matches is just how well they’re paced, this match went 22 minutes but that time flew by.  Not only was this match filled with just enough drama but the stiff strikes were something to behold as neither woman held back.  Fujimoto once again delivered a MOTY contender, this time against an old rival.

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