#AndNEW: ASUKA/VENY Wins SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Championship

ASUKA/VENY Wins SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Championship
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On SEAdLINNNG‘s GROW TOGETHER event, the vacant SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Championship found a new home as ASUKA (known to AEW fans as VENY) and Rina Yamashita battled it out to become just the fifth different person to hold the championship.  ASUKA emerged victorious and takes their spot atop the card at SEAdLINNNG. It is a spot they have earned with their performances over the past year since taking over the Las Ego faction.

ASUKA was originally scheduled to be the latest challenger for former champion Yoshiko but Yoshiko has had to take time off to deal with injuries and vacated the title instead of keeping it on hold.  SEAdLINNNG decided to keep ASUKA in the title match and added a former tag partner of Yoshiko’s in Rina Yamashita to the title picture.  Both ASUKA and Rina Yamashita are among the top freelancers in all of Joshi and are an integral part of SEAdLINNNG and its identity.

ASUKA winning makes them a double champion as they currently co-hold the GWC Six-Man Tag Team Championships. It also provides SEAdLINNG with a fresh face as the top champion who has fresh matches with people like Arisa NakajimaNanae Takahashi, Yoshiko, and others waiting for them as the champion.

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