#AndNEW: Riddle Wins the WWE United States Championship

Riddle WWE United States Championship
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Bobby Lashley defended the WWE United States Championship in a triple threat match against Riddle and John Morrison at the 2021 Elimination Chamber event. Keith Lee was originally set for this match but was pulled due to injury. Thus, a fatal four-way match was held during the preshow to determine a new contender. By pinning Mustafa Ali, Morrison made his way into the match. By the time that the bell rang, however, it was Riddle that won the United States Champion.

Bobby Lashley, as the reigning WWE United States Champion, started the match with his trademark power and dominance on display. It seemed like, no matter what the challengers did, Lashley remained unphased. This prompted Riddle and John Morrison, as much as they may have disliked the idea, to work together. Their fast-paced maneuvers, including stiff strikes by Riddle, worked well to stagger the champion. While Riddle fought straight up, Morrison wasn’t shy about bending the rules.

This was especially true as Morrison rolled to the outside to confront MVP, who was on crutches. Morrison stole one of MVP’s crutches to use as a weapon; keep in mind that, in WWE, triple threat matches are held under no-disqualification rules. Morrison swung the crutch at Lashley, only for the champion to dodge and cinch in the Hurt Lock. Before Morrison could surrender, Riddle used a crutch himself, cracking it over the back of Lashley. This resulted in Lashley rolling to the outside in order to regroup.

With the WWE United States Championship holder recovering on the outside, Riddle focused on a weakened Morrison. Riddle quickly capitalized, executing his trademark BroDerrick in the center of the ring. Riddle pinned Morrison in the center of the ring to become the new United States Champion. The new titleholder quickly left the ring as an irate Lashley rushed in, clearly in disbelief as to how the match came to a conclusion.

With this victory, Riddle has held his first-ever singles title in WWE. During his time in NXT, he won the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, in addition to the NXT Tag Team Championship, alongside Pete Dunne; together, they were known as The BroserWeights. On multiple occasions, Riddle contested for singles gold on the main roster, mostly against Lashley. During these encounters, “The Original Bro” came up short. Now that Riddle is the United States Champion, what’s next for the former titleholder in Lashley? Will Lashley attempt to regain the WWE United States Championship or does the Chief Hurt Officer of The Hurt Business have loftier goals in mind?

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