Daniel Bryan Wins Elimination Chamber Match, Challenges Roman Reigns During Event

Elimination Chamber 2021

At tonight’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, six SmackDown Superstars entered the unforgiving structure. King Corbin, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Jey Uso, Kevin Owens, and Daniel Bryan took part in an Elimination Chamber match. High stakes were at play; the winner of this match would go on to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship later in the night. Surviving five hungry competitors, it was Daniel Bryan that became the last man standing. Though battered and fatigued, Bryan will take on Reigns for the title in what will certainly be an uphill battle.


Cesaro and Daniel Bryan started the Elimination Chamber match, the four other competitors confined to their respective pods. “The Swiss Superman” and “The American Dragon” battled it out utilizing a series of technical maneuvers and strikes. Bryan relied on high-flying and submission maneuvers, though these weren’t enough to keep the more powerful Cesaro down. As Cesaro shifted the momentum of the match in his favor, King Corbin’s pod opened first.

Off the bat, Corbin attacked Cesaro, sending him into the adjacent pod. The King then sent Bryan into the Elimination Chamber wall, grinding his face against the metal. In the ring, the action continued, the three active wrestlers exchanging maneuvers. Corbin slowed the pace of the match, focusing on delivering damage to his opponents. Despite this, he was unable to secure pinfalls over his opponents. Corbin continued his attack as the second pod opened to release a tentative Sami Zayn.

Zayn attempted to keep himself inside of his pod, despite attempts from Corbin. However, Cesaro attacked Zayn from the other side of the pod, officially bringing SmackDown’s “conspiracy theorist” into the fray. Bryan got in on the action, attacking Zayn as well until Corbin intervened. Zayn attempted a Helluva Kick on Bryan, who dodged, which caused the former to inadvertently kick the nearby pod. As Corbin fought Bryan in the ring, Zayn battled Cesaro on the outside, hitting him with a tornado DDT.

Eventually, Zayn scurried to the top of one of the empty pods, Cesaro in hot pursuit. They battled atop said pod before Zayn attempted to escape by climbing the wall, Cesaro still on his trail. Cesaro soon kicked Zayn off and to the floor, performing a series of pull-ups after. On a roll, Cesaro executed the giant swing on Corbin before tapping him out with the sharpshooter; Corbin was the first man eliminated. Soon thereafter, Kevin Owens’ pod opened.

Upon Owens’ release, Zayn attempted to rally his former friend to join forces, though to no avail. Owens took the fight to the other Elimination Chamber match participants in the scrappy way only he knew. “The Blue Collar Brawler” attacked with a series of corner cannonball splashes before getting caught by a suplex from Zayn. Soon, all the participants exchanged powerful moves before collapsing on the mat. Owens recovered and delivered a sequence of neck-focused strikes to Zayn and Bryan. Not long after, the final pod opened, Jey Uso being released. Given their bad blood over the past several months, Owens focused on Uso right away as they brawled outside of the ring.

As the competitors battled on the outside, Owens climbed atop one of the pods to deliver a moonsault onto them. Owens followed up with a series of stunners, hitting Zayn with one in-ring to eliminate him second. Afterward, Uso closed the Elimination Chamber door on Owens’ arm, attacking his rival as he sat helplessly. Uso followed up with a top rope splash, eliminating Owens third. Soon, Cesaro struck Uso with an uppercut followed by a flying elbow drop. Cesaro followed up by swinging Uso against the chamber wall multiple times. Back in the ring, a weakened Bryan was able to recover enough to kick an airborne Cesaro in the midsection. Though Bryan attacked with quick offense, Cesaro refused to stay down for the three-count.

Cesaro caught Bryan with an uppercut as he attempted to climb to the top rope. From the top, Cesaro hit a gutbuster before executing a giant swing, focusing on Bryan’s weakened knee. Uso caught Cesaro with a superkick out of nowhere before pinning him for the three-count. Cesaro became the fourth man to be eliminated from the Elimination Chamber match. Uso followed up with a splash on Bryan, though the former five-time world champion kicked out just before the count of three.

Frustrated, Uso climbed to the top of the pod to perform an even more impactful splash. At the last moment, Bryan got the legs up before following up with a running knee strike for the win. Bad knee and all, Bryan was able to overcome five hungry competitors. With this victory, Daniel Bryan received a Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns later in the night.

A fatigued Daniel Bryan didn’t have much time to recover, as Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman made their way to the ring. Reigns entered the ring, sizing up Bryan. Reigns attempted a spear, but Bryan quickly applied the Yes Lock. Despite Bryan’s best attempt, Reigns broke free of the hold, unleashing a flurry of strikes on the challenger. Afterward, Reigns planted Bryan in the center of the ring with a slam. Reigns cinched in the guillotine that has put down many an opponent in the past. Bryan became unresponsive; as a result, the referee called for the bell. Bryan’s short yet noble effort was thwarted by the reigning Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. As SmackDown’s “Tribal Chief” stood victorious, he didn’t notice a looming threat.

Suddenly, Reigns was brought down by a spear out of nowhere by Edge. The 2021 Men’s Royal Rumble winner pointed to the WrestleMania sign, making his intentions known. It would seem, at this year’s WrestleMania, Edge will challenge Reigns for the Universal Championship. Can Edge put an end to Reigns’ path of dominance?

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