#AndNEW: The Miz Cashes in to Become WWE Champion

The Miz WWE Champion
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The 2021 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event saw Drew McIntyre defend the WWE Championship against former world champions Jeff Hardy, Kofi Kingston, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, and Sheamus. Throughout the match, McIntyre had to contend with offense from four seasoned wrestlers, each with their own distinct approach. However, the reigning WWE Champion persevered. At the end of the match, McIntyre stood tall, looking to go to WrestleMania as WWE Champion. Enter the spoiler, the Money in the Bank holder himself: The Miz.

Following the match, and as the Elimination Chamber structure was being raised, former United States Champion Bobby Lashley stormed the ring to attack a weakened McIntyre. Earlier in the night, Lashley lost the aforementioned title in a triple threat contest to Riddle. Still fuming over the result of his match, Lashley proceeded to attack McIntyre both in the ring and at ringside. Finally, Lashley brought McIntyre in the ring to apply the Hurt Lock that had put away several opponents in the past. Lashley followed up with a full nelson slam, planting the Scottish WWE Champion in the center of the ring.

Seizing the opportunity, The Miz sprinted down to the ring with a WWE official in tow. The Miz was tentative, however, as he eyed Lashley, wondering whether the Chief Hurt Officer of The Hurt Business would attack. Once Lashley was a fair distance away, The Miz entered the ring to officially cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Once the bell rang, The Miz planted McIntyre with a DDT, the weakened yet valiant WWE Champion kicking out before three. The Miz wasted no time in hoisting McIntyre up, executing a Skull Crushing Finale. One pinfall later and The Miz stood tall, at the end of the Elimination Chamber event, as the new WWE Champion.

With this victory, The Miz is officially a two-time WWE Champion. This victory is more than a decade removed from the “Most Must-See WWE Superstar’s” first world title victory, which started in 2010. Ironically, this was also the result of a Money in the Bank cash-in, ending the reign of Randy Orton. The Miz’s first world title reign lasted 160 days. During this reign, The Miz bested numerous opponents, most famously John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania XXVII, an accolade he touts to this day. What does this second world title reign have in store? Viewers would be wise to tune into Monday Night RAW this week to find out.

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