Beyond Dynamite: Catching Up on the AEW YouTube Shows (12/16/20)

AEW YouTube Shows

While AEW Dynamite is the crown jewel through which AEW is built, the company also relies on several other weekly YouTube shows to help advance stories, create additional character development and overall aid to the AEW fan experience. As AEW began without TV, the company even relied on their YouTube presence to build to their first PPV and it was a massive success. Today, AEW’s family of shows includes Being the Elite, which is managed and created by the Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler, Sammy’s Vlog, which is created by Sammy Guevara, and AEW DARK, which currently serves as AEW’s second in-ring wrestling show. Through this weekly series, we’ll be recapping all three, making sure that everyone is in the know of any developing stories taking place outside of Dynamite.

Being The Elite

The Wild, Wild West 

“Do You Want to Ride 10?”

This week’s episode of BTE picked up right where things left off last week concerning John Silver and Alex Reynolds’ offer to be partners with Hangman Page for his trios match against Matt Hardy and Private Party. Page accepted the offer leading Reynolds to suggest the perfect bonding activity for the boys: Cowboy Day. Once again, the Dark Order’s brilliant comedy showcase continued as their lair was transformed into a scene out of a classic Western film complete with all the trimmings including 10, dressed as a horse.

Stu Grayson delivered the line of the entire episode when he asked Page if he wanted to ride 10, to which surprisingly the Hangman accepted. Only that offer led to Silver, claiming the horse, and drawing his finger pistols to challenge Page to a duel. An old-fashioned shoot-em-up turned hostage situation was kicked off when Anna Jay shot Grayson leading to guns ablazin’ throughout the lair. Ultimately, Page was victorious, last “killing” Silver before instantly transforming out of character to tell the guys he had a good time. It was only then that Colt Cabana, who AEW wisely paired up with Dark Order, noted that they had forgotten to ask Page to join the group. BTE has been at its best when it’s been Being the Dark Order (BTDO) and this week was a perfect example.


Last week, John Silver challenged #1 contender Shawn Dean to a game of Skits, of which we learned the rules this week. With entrances accompanying the wrestlers and the usual cast of characters drinking wine/beer while serving as witnesses, Silver and Dean competed on the roof to see who could throw their Skittle closest to a crack in the floor without landing in the crack. Each man had three Skittles. Though that turned into six when it was revealed Brandon Cutler’s camera died so he was unable to capture round one, which Silver won. With the cameras back rolling, Silver won round two as well, continuing his reign as the longest-serving BTE champion ever.

Sammy’s Vlog

“The 450 Challenge”

This week, Sammy Guevara almost got his vlog cancelled thanks to the 450 Challenge. While attempting his 450, Dante Martin, one half of Top Flight, got caught up in Michael Nakazawa’s oiled up turnbuckles and slipped. But on his second attempt, he landed the move successfully, as did everyone else who attempted it, including Kip Sabian who was doing it for the first time. In the end, no AEW wrestlers were harmed in the making of this vlog.

“Fuego in My Mind”

While we’re not sure when, it seems like Sammy’s vlog is headed full steam ahead toward a Fuego Del Sol vs QT Marshall match on DARK. It will likely be Del Sol’s first ever win and first-ever tornado DDT. While we wait, Del Sol has been inside Marshall’s head including this week where he was seen haunting QT in the shower and his car. This story continues to develop.


Hot Streaks

The Jurassic Express trio have won five 3 vs 3 matches in a row.

The Acclaimed picked up their seventh win in a row to jump into the top 5 of the tag team rankings.

Best Friends picked up a fourth tag team win in a row.

Tay Conti got her fourth win in a row.

Brandon Cutler continued his winning streak.

Ricky Starks won his eighth singles match in a row.

Brian Cage won a seventh singles match in a row.

Ivelisse picked up an eighth win in a row before her Dynamite match.


Anna Jay picked up a win over Dani Jordyn; this follows her loss to Hikaru Shida.

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