Brotherhood and Betrayal: Will Sheamus Remain Loyal to Drew McIntyre?

Sheamus Drew McIntyre WWE RAW

Much has been made of the long, storied partnership and brotherly bond between Sheamus and current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. In a poignant segment, Sheamus presented McIntyre with an ancestral chest bearing the ceremonial relics that are now apart of McIntyre’s entrance: his kilt claymore sword. However, as The Miz and John Morrison challenge their bond, and McIntyre’s recent dominance of the RAW roster, will Sheamus grow resentful and betray McIntyre?

Keith Lee, who also has a past with the Scottish Warrior, seems to think so. Lee warned Sheamus that he saw through him, as did the rest of the Red Brand’s locker room. The odds were that it was only a matter of time before Sheamus turned on the man he calls his brother.

Ahead of Sheamus’s and McIntyre’s two-on-three tag match with The Miz and Morrison and McIntyre’s upcoming WWE TLC opponent AJ Styles, Miz and Morrison mocked McIntyre on Miz TV. Sheamus, Keith Lee’s doubts notwithstanding, stormed Miz TV and defended his friend. He was soon followed by McIntyre himself, who lewdly traded barbs with Miz and Morrison, which turned to fisticuffs. As Styles and his bodyguard, Omos, looked on, Sheamus, McIntyre, Miz, and Morrison traded blows, and McIntyre tossed Miz’s prized Money in the Bank briefcase, sending him running after it. Sheamus and McIntyre were on an undoubtedly united front.

Their two on three match seemed to promise more of the same, two seasoned partners in sync and in command. McIntyre and Morrison opened the battle. McIntyre on the offense and dealing Morrison hard blows from the offset. He threw Morrison mightily, headbutt him, and got him into the corner. When Morrison tried to tag in Styles, he continued to show pronounced reluctance to fight McIntyre, whom he pointed out on Miz TV he has never fought before. Styles refused and the WWE Champion tagged in Sheamus. Morrison tagged in the Miz.

He quickly got a cover after kicking Miz down, but the current Mr. Money in the Bank kicked out. McIntyre tossed in, and he and Sheamus continued to act in harmony, tossing the Miz together. As the match continued, Miz, Morrison, McIntyre, and Sheamus continued to tag in and out of the match, McIntyre and Sheamus helping each other set up a united assault on the other team. The match seemed to be decided in favor of the Celtic Warrior and the Scottish Warrior until the Miz went for Sheamus’s eyes.

Blinded, Sheamus was nearly defenseless against the attacks of Miz and Morrison, who with deliberate aggression kept him out of tagging range of his partner, McIntyre. Styles finally got involved and joined the assault on Sheamus. As Styles held Sheamus in a brutal calf crusher, McIntyre intervened desperately without being tagged, only to be held back by the referee.

However, just as McIntyre was able to intervene, the match and their partnership were put into jeopardy by an error on Sheamus’s part. Aiming for their opponents, Sheamus instead issued a Brough Kick to his friend instead.

Was it an honest mistake, or sabotage?

Either way, as Sheamus and McIntyre were distracted by the error and its possible implications, Styles flew into the ring with a phenomenal forearm, getting Sheamus down, covering him for the win.

Backstage, McIntyre was out for blood, furious and looking for his best friend. The two brawled uninhibitedly, surrounded by onlookers, but seemed to fight their resentment out of their system and reconcile with a smile.

Is all well, or will their friendship continue to erode? Styles will walk into WWE TLC able to boast of a win over McIntyre. If McIntyre loses the WWE Championship to the Phenomenal One, his chain of grievances may well lead him back to Sheamus. As for Sheamus, weakening the champion’s confidence and sowing the seeds of his defeat may have been his intention, all along.

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