Card Subject To Change – Possible WWE Plans Following The Draft

WWE Draft New Day

This is an ongoing new feature where our own “Hot Sauce Willie” starts to unveil the secrets in the shadows that he receives from his WWE sources. A lot of his internal reports have come true. A few don’t. But like they say, “Card subject to change.” This week we look at the plans WWE has following the 2020 Draft.

Last week on SmackDown, we witnessed the breakup of The New Day. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are now on Raw, and on Monday’s Raw, we saw The Street Profits moved to SmackDown. So the question is, what happens to the tag titles from both teams? While we saw that the titles were merely traded between the Street Profits and The New Day, it appears that a redesign is due for both sets of titles. Another rumor is that there may be a unification of the tag titles from both brands so that the tag champs could defend the titles on each brand such as with the WWE Tag Team titles.

With Big E now left on his own on SmackDown, it’s rumored that a full change is coming for the big man with new ring gear and new (or previous) entrance theme music. With Big E’s upcoming push, rumors indicate him possibly challenging and winning the Money In The Bank contract, while other rumors suggest him challenging for the Universal Title down the line.

Back on September 24th, 2019, we wrote about a number of names coming back to WWE with Eva Marie being one of them. As confirmed today via a number of sources, Eva Marie has re-signed with WWE. Look for her to be on WWE television in a high profile role and likely get a push for the women’s championship down the road.

Seth Rollins was one of the first names drafted to SmackDown, but the question is, what’s next for Seth? It looks like his feud with the Mysterio’s will continue on Friday nights but after its completion, Seth will be gone for a short while to become a father as Becky Lynch will be due soon with their first child. Once Rollins returns to WWE, he would eventually be working a program with Roman Reigns.

There’s no doubt that WWE’s peak of its success was during the Attitude Era. A time when the company saw it’s highest ratings in history. Since then, many have asked time and time again if we would ever see a time like this again. In short, the answer is no, but, rumor has it, Vince McMahon has been trying to bring back bits and pieces of the Attitude Era through similar creative ideas we saw during that time. A few examples are more factions such as The Hurt Business and RETRIBUTION, the Raw Underground concept, and branding such as when WWE Raw would change to Raw Is War.

Rumor and innuendo suggest that the motivation behind the idea of bringing back the Attitude Era in 2020 is Vince McMahon’s awareness of the continuous decreasing viewership Raw has had for quite some time and feels that the product needs a new “coat of paint”. Not just with talent, but with creative ideas that would cater to a younger demographic.

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