Vince McMahon Retires from WWE

The official Twitter account of WWE’s long-time Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon has tweeted out that it is time for him to retire. The Tweet states: “At 77, time for me to retire. Thank you, WWE Universe.  Then. Now. Forever. Together.” This was followed up by a corporate press release stating that Stephanie McMahon […] READ MORE

Preview: WWE SmackDown (6/17/22) – Keeping Up with the McMahons


WWE brings Friday Night SmackDown to the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota! It’s going to be an action-packed, grappling extraordinaire featuring some of the finest talents in sports entertainment toda-look, let’s just address the elephant in the room, okay? Vince McMahon is in a whole lot of trouble, folks – and in John Cena month […] READ MORE

A Look Back At The WWF New Generation: Part One


Every pro wrestling fan looks back on the era they grew up with with a lot of fondness and a bit of cringe. The WWF New Generation era is no exception as both perspectives co-exist. The cringe is certainly conjured up when recalling the plethora of ridiculous gimmicks that were heaped upon some of the […] READ MORE

Report: Vince McMahon Working on A Memoir


Reports have surfaced that Vince McMahon might finally be setting the record straight about his life and the building of his entertainment empire through pro wrestling via a memoir. Per the New York Post, the Chairman of WWE is shopping the manuscript to publishers. Their sources say that it is similar to the memoir Phil […] READ MORE

20 Years Since They Got The ‘F’ Out – From WWF To WWE


20 years ago today, the ‘revolutionary force in sports entertainment’ went through a very notable change in identity when the World Wrestling Federation officially rebranded itself World Wrestling Entertainment. At the time, and for many years to follow, it would be a very difficult change to accept. However, the change from WWF to WWE wasn’t […] READ MORE

The Rapid Rise of Theory in WWE


As reported at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, on April 18’s broadcast of Monday Night Raw, Theory defeated Finn Balor to capture the United States Championship. The title, for Theory, is the culmination of the rapid ascent he has undergone from NXT talent to a performer quickly climbing the card on the WWE flagship brand. […] READ MORE

Cody Rhodes vs Seth Rollins: A Battle of Wills


As reported by Last Word on Pro Wrestling, weeks of speculation about Cody Rhodes’s destination culminated in his return to World Wrestling Entertainment on WrestleMania Saturday. Cody Rhodes claimed victory over Seth Rollins in a non-title match bristling with the beginning of what could be an intriguing feud based on a battle of wills. Cody […] READ MORE