Match Point: Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins, WWE SummerSlam (8/23/20)

Dominik Mysterio Seth Rollins SummerSlam

Match Point is an on-going series at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, where we look at intriguing matchups in indie wrestling and beyond. They may be dream matches, first-time matchups, or hotly anticipated rematches. In this edition of Match Point, we will take a deep dive into an upcoming emotional showdown at SummerSlam, where Dominik Mysterio will make his in-ring debut against Seth Rollins.

Since being rechristened the “Monday Night Messiah,” Seth Rollins has preached the importance of sacrifice for “the greater good.” Few examples of this have been as poignant as his attacks on Rey Mysterio. Following his loss to Kevin Owens this past spring at WrestleMania 36, the villainous Rollins became even more unhinged. The following Monday Night RAW after the two-night WrestleMania event, a disheveled Rollins took out his frustration on Mysterio during a tag team match. In unhinged fashion, Rollins drove Mysterio’s eye into the corner of the steel steps. Little did Rollins know that this attack would make him the target of a vengeful family, more specifically, Dominik Mysterio.

Longtime WWE fans will remember Dominik from when he was only a child. In 2005, he was involved in a personal rivalry between his father and the late Eddie Guerrero. Five years later, he made an appearance on SmackDown alongside his family. During this period, Rey was involved in a feud with the Straight Edge Society led by CM Punk. This was Dominik’s final major appearance on WWE programming for roughly a decade.

The Efforts of Father and Son

Fast forward to March of 2019, when Dominik Mysterio would reappear on WWE programming to support his father. At this point, Rey Mysterio was involved in a feud with Samoa Joe for the United States Championship. He even found himself face-to-face with Joe multiple times, though he wasn’t in physical danger. This changed when Rey set his sights on Brock Lesnar and his WWE Championship. One of the most memorable moments of Survivor Series took place during their WWE Championship, when Rey and Dominik double-teamed “The Beast Incarnate.” Despite utilizing weapons and a tandem 619, Rey was unable to vanquish the champion. Dominik found himself in harm’s way, eating multiple German suplexes courtesy of the founder of “Suplex City” himself.

Since becoming a more regular WWE performer, Dominik fully supported his father, even talking him out of retirement. Rey and Dominik shared a strong bond on television, though this would be put to the test once Seth Rollins and his followers became involved. This past spring, following the aforementioned attack on Rey by Rollins, Dominik had no choice but to defend his family’s honor. Rey was understandably concerned for his son, especially when Rollins teased that he would bring Dominik over to his side. Instead, the “Monday Night Messiah” found that blood was thicker than water. Dominik would attack and battle Rollins and his disciples, which eventually brought Rey back into the fold.

The Revenge of Dominik Mysterio

This past July, WWE held The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. It was here Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins battled in an Eye for an Eye match. After having his vision impaired by Rollins, Rey had an opportunity for retribution. Though Rey put forth a spirited performance, Rollins overcame the lucha libre legend, driving his already injured eye into the steps in the same way he did months prior. This time, however, the eyeball was removed from its socket. This resulted in Rey requiring immediate medical attention and even causing Rollins to become visibly ill. If Rollins thought he had an enemy in Dominik Mysterio, he didn’t truly know what awaited him.

Armed with a kendo stick, Dominik attacked Rollins and his disciple, Murphy, proving to be more vicious than ever. Dominick admitted in a backstage interview, on the August 3rd edition of RAW, that his mind wasn’t in the right place in recent months. This was understandable, not only due to his personal dealing with Rollins and Murphy, but the attacks on his father. “If anyone thinks I’m crazy now,” Dominik said. “They’re really going to think I’m crazy when I challenge Seth Rollins to a match at SummerSlam.”

Seth Rollins Dominik Mysterio
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The Match is Set

The following week on RAW, Samoa Joe moderated the contract signing for the match between Dominik Mysterio and Seth Rollins. Keep in mind that Joe had his own history with Rollins and his followers. This segment also confirmed Dominik’s signing as a WWE Superstar. During this contract signing, Rollins believed his sacrifices were truly for the greater good. To Rollins, he had no choice but to become the “Monday Night Messiah.” Meanwhile, Dominik believed Rollins changed the lives of others for the worst, from his father to other WWE talent including Aleister Black. To up the ante, Rollins suggested making their upcoming bout at SummerSlam held under no-disqualification rules. Not only would Dominik be able to use his trusty kendo stick, or any weapon for that matter, but said rules would apply to Rollins as well. Thus, their upcoming showdown will be a Street Fight.

Later in the show, Rollins faced Humberto Carrillo in a winning effort. Post-match, Murphy blindsided Dominik before bringing him into the ring. Dominik attempted to fight back but was overwhelmed by Rollins and Murphy. True punishment was yet to come, however, as Dominik found himself tied up in the ring ropes. Rollins and Murphy stripped Dominik of his shirt before taking turns beating the young, new WWE Superstar with kendo sticks. All the while, Rollins taunted Rey at home, calling him a coward.

“The greater good is a beautiful thing,” said Rollins following the beatdown. “To be continued, Rey.”

This led to Rey and Dominik appearing on the following episode of RAW. After sharing a heart-to-heart, the members of the Mysterio clan called out Rollins and Murphy. Eventually, this led to Rey and Dominik exacting revenge leading into SummerSlam. Armed with kendo sticks, they struck a fallen Rollins several times, causing him to retreat with Murphy. Dominik showed no fear heading into his in-ring debut.

Seth Rollins Samoa Joe Dominik Mysterio
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Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

Those that been following this rivalry can safely assume this upcoming SummerSlam bout will be anything but clean. Expect Dominik Mysterio to utilize the weapons that helped him against the repeated game. However, it’s also fair to assume that Seth Rollins will resort to nefarious tactics to spoil the WWE in-ring debut of the young star. Dominik’s main motivation to fight has been family. However, as he goes into SummerSlam alone, he will have to rely on his skill and wit to come out on top.

One of the biggest questions going into this SummerSlam match is, what will Dominik’s wrestling style entail? Viewers have seen him pull off moves such as the 619 and a top rope splash, but how will he wrestle at length? Given that Dominik is the son of arguably the greatest lucha libre wrestler in history, he may very well lean into this legacy by taking to the skies. Dominik may also rely on a grittier, brawling style of wrestling, evidenced by his kendo stick utilization. Ergo, he would build his own legacy. If there is any one challenge that Rollins will have, going into this match, it’s anticipating what kind of wrestler he will be up against.

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