Dragon Suplex Network Presents: Stardom Quest Episode 1

Stardom Quest Episode 0

Stardom Quest is a weekly Stardom podcast from Alex Richards and Dylan Murray, also known for Victory Through Guts: A Joshi Podcast, the two will offer insight, reviews, and previews on the current Stardom product.

For the official debut episode Alex and Dylan give their thoughts on Day 1 and 2 of the 5STAR Grand Prix including in depth thoughts on some of the featured matches.  They then preview the upcoming Yokohama Cinderella double header at Yokohama Budokan which features two of the most stacked lineups Stardom has run in recent memory with matches like Utami Hayashishita vs HimekaMomo Watanabe vs GiuliaMayu Iwatani vs Syuri among others

” Stardom Quest officially debuts in time to preview Stardom’s massive doubleheader at Yokohama Budokan.  Alex and Dylan preview both days of Yokohama Cinderella, providing predictions and insight into the matches, while also giving brief thoughts on days 1 and 2 of the 5STAR Grand Prix while also touching on the cancellation of the 3rd day of GP action.

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The amazing show art is courtesy of @KHsNotebook

Also, listen to Dylan and Alex’s other podcast @VTGPod which is all about the legendary All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling which is also available on the Dragon Suplex Podcasting Network”

The podcast is available through the Dragon Suplex Podcast Network which can be found on AnchorSpotifyiTunes, among others.

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