#AndNEW: Chad 2 Badd Books Himself a Championship at Talk ‘N Shop A Mania

Chad 2 Badd at Talk 'N Shop A Mania

When Luke/Doc Gallows received the phone call that he had been released from WWE in mid-March, Big LG immediately got the wheels turning and called up fellow good brothers, Karl Anderson and Rocky Romero, telling his friends that he’d be hosting a PPV in his backyard. Of course Anderson and Romero, who are co-hosts alongside Gallows on the largely popular comedy podcast, Talk ‘N Shop, were on board, and thus the first-ever Talk ‘N Shop A Mania was born. And boy was it the #WORSTPPVEVER.

Many prominent faces in the wrestling industry tuned in to watch the spectacle, which has since been described as “the drizzling shits,” “brutal,” “terrible,” “carny outlaw shizzow,”sh***y rasslin,” “madness,” “crap,” “an abortion,” and a show that “set the bar so low.” Wrestling legend Chris Jericho also offered a glowing review, saying the show was “guaranteed to be the worst thing of all time,” but one that was “so bad that you’re gonna want to see it.”

Featuring wrestling stars both past and present, Talk ‘N Shop A Mania had everything from great callbacks (see Karl Anderson and Maria Kanellis), the return of familiar and beloved characters like Sex Ferguson, Chad 2 Badd and the legendary hip-gyrating Pelvis Wesley, exceptionally bad wrestling highlighted by the first and perhaps only boneryard match the world will ever see, and the unveiling of a brand new championship. Yes, there was a championship and the night saw three different men win the title.

It all started with the world’s first-ever social distancing battle royal, which featured guys such as Chavo Guerrero Jr., Mike Bennett, imposter Sting, Freight Train, Brian Pillman Jr., Alex Koslov (and his bearded mom), and more. In the end, it was Chico El Luchador, (who reportedly was the highest paid wrestler on the card, accruing 98 percent of the show’s profits), who emerged the winner in his triumphant return to the ring. After last eliminating Koslov’s bearded mom, Chico became the first-ever Talk ‘N Shop A Mania 24/7 Champion, a title so unique to the world of wrestling, it is unlike any other that has, does or will ever exist.

But Chico’s reign was not long for this world as later in the show, he was confronted by Guerrero, who attempted to choke him out. Naturally, Chico called for a ref, demanding a match. It was to his detriment however as due to “the gas” Guerrero was expected to be on, the generational star defeated Chico. The match, which featured the use of a sauna as the most unique submission hold ever known to wrestling, ended when Guerrero rolled up Chico to become the second-ever Talk ‘N Shop A Mania champion. Guerrero promised he’d “have sex all over the belt,” but that too didn’t come to fruition as just a few seconds later, Chad 2 Badd pinned the champ to become the third-ever man to hold the title.

His one-plus day reign is already the longest in the title’s storied history, but naturally, there are already those gunning for the prestigious champion as 2 Badd’s longtime rival, Sex Ferguson, who has started the hashtag (#ResurrectSex) has his eyes on the prize. Perhaps he’ll get a chance at TalkN’Shop A Mania II, which is already being talked about due to the massive success of the first Talk ‘N Shop A Mania, which trended as high as #2 on Twitter. Early critics are suggesting the sequel could be the worst, worst PPV ever, one that if Dave Meltzer broke out his bag of stars would rate it with negative stars. Naturally, you won’t want to miss it when the time finally comes around for 2 Badd to defend his title and all the other ludicrousity that will no doubt be part of the show.

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